You are the expert in your life

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Who has the responsibility for YOUR health? For YOUR life? For YOUR happiness?

Is it the doctor? Is it your parents? Is it your boss? Your neighbour? Your spouse? Your kids? Or is it YOU?

You might say that your doctor has the responsibility to cure you. My parents did not treat me right. My boss is crap. My neighbour is bugging me etc. 

Or do you make your choices based on other peoples expectations of what you should do?

BUT... You always have a CHOICE to change it. YOU choose what you DO about your health. YOU choose what you THINK about it.

Maybe the doctors' treatment is good for some people, but not for you. Maby that job is good for some people, but not for you. We are all different. YOU ARE SPECIAL. You have your own resources, your own possibilities, and you need to find them and use them. We all need to be in an environment that facilitates our resources, to make us feel good.

To help make your unique CHOICES you can choose which experts you will listen to. Find good coaches who you trust and match your values. That can be professionals and also in your social network or social media.


YOU are responsible for the CHOICES you make.

If it is choosing to change your environment; a new job, a different treatment, choosing to move, choosing who you talk to, how you talk etc.

My choices for a good future life

I went through MY life and found out where I had made choices based on other peoples opinions that did not align with me and my values. Then I made up my mind about who I will take advise from in the future, to make my own GOOD choices that benefit me and MY goals in life, that would give me more ENERGY, more FREEDOM and TIME for the important things.

One of these choices was to be my own boss, working when I want and from wherever I desire, learning how to do online business. If you would like to find out more about how that is possible click the button below or check out my website here

If you want to learn more about how to make the right choices for you, make sure to follow my next posts about being aware of your resources and your growing conditions. 

Take care and make good choices for yourself today.

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