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You are Worth it

Today I want to speak to you personally and I will start by saying to you, " You are worth it". You deserve to live your best life of freedom, influence, success, honour, happiness and love. Decide to live that wonderful life whereby you know beyond any shadow of doubt that "You are worthy".  Say to yourself, "I am worthy".

There is nothing more beautiful than to wake up each day feeling great about yourself, in spite of the circumstances around you. You must wake up each day practicing "loving yourself" because you are worth it.

Living life from that standpoint of valuing yourself first before getting any outside influences is great. To enjoy this life of freedom, you need to live above the smiles or frowns of other people towards you. Personally, I became free and secure when I started doing that. Today, I am no longer going around looking at other people to determine how I feel, looking at their approval to determine what I can do or can't do, and seeking any other cheap endorsements. I know who I am and I am comfortable in my own personality, in my own skin and humanity. This is freedom. 

Approve, Celebrate and Endorse Yourself

In life, you must learn to approve and endorse yourself. Celebrate you; your uniqueness, your gifts/talents, your ideas and inventions. Once you begin to endorse yourself, it's like you are sowing a seed and when you do that, others will begin to notice and you will reap a harvest. That is when you begin to hear other people coming to you saying, "we have always known that you had it, you are gifted". It's almost impossible for people to end up celebrating you and your gift and your work when you yourself are not celebrating but are busy dishonouring and devaluing yourself.  If you are not confident in who you are, in yourself and  in your abilities, why should we be? This is the secret of selling big in any business. You can see that the value of a product is increased by the personality of the owner and in most cases, confidence is a key factor. Look at Donald Trump, hate him or like him, the guy has got influence and he was bold and confident even before he was President. Use personal confidence as the trump card of your life. 

Learn from Little Kids

Children are very good at celebrating and accepting of themselves. As adults, we really need to learn of this trait from our little kids. Within their innocence, little children do not have hearts which are haddened by malice, self hate, strife, conflict, envy and wrong judgements. They are devoid of negative self-perceptions and this is why you see even children being quick to forgive. A child will straight away come to cuddle you even after you told them off. It is within their innocence that we can all learn the beauty of valuing ourselves. Little kids do not walk around with any form of self judgement or lacking in confidence. They know very well how to celebrate themselves and how to walk around with no care at all. That is confidence and freedom.

Your Networks determine Your Net Worth

Learn to find people around you who who are of similar thoughts, interests, vision and ideas. Eagles fly higher together. Therefore, in your life you need to find out who are those people who genuinely love you unconditionally, celebrate you, challenge you and who want to see you manifest the best in your life. Your networks affect your net worth.

An eagle should never be found being comfortable around chickens, lest it will either kill the chickens or be suffocated by them and die.

Your purpose in life is so much worthy that you have to jealously guard over it. Find a group of like-minded people or join a mentorship programme which will help to identify your strengths, gifts and propel you to greater heights.


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