Re-Skill Before You Retire and Have a Plan!

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Reskill Before You Retire and  Have a Plan!

   Start to plan now

  Figure out your WHY WHAT and HOW

Here are some insightful Audible Books to: 

Expand your mind and challenge your spirit

The teachings of Abram by Ester and Jerry Hicks

There are SEVERAL by Neville Goddard   or

Wayne Dyer I have found to be very good as well.


Are you considering Retirement? Or just looking to move your life in a different more independent direction that you are in control of?

Tired of being subject to your boss’s desires and not able to embrace your own?


Sit down and make a plan!

If YOU don’t who will?


This is your first step.

Take as long as you need to and get real clear on what you



Early retirement is NOT for everyone but with a plan, retirement is acquirable at any age.

Have you considered an online business?

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It’s easy to see retirement or, early retirement as a solution to job burnout.

Many of us are under extreme pressure at work and we are looking for a way

out of the “sick and tired of being sick and tired” syndrome.


Whether we are at retirement age or just can’t face giving one more minute of our life to a job that gives no satisfaction and no return on investment, changing focus to something that is in our control and will give us FREEDOM, TIME AND MONEY is worth….investing our time in.

  Retirement is not the answer to all things stressful but developing a plan, reskilling for new ways of providing for yourself ensures you have control over your life and choices.


I have found that educational videos offer options for online businesses, TEACHING you DIGITAL SKILLS allowing the Freedom to travel, vacation or just stay home and make MONEY.


Exploring your options and making YOUR own choices is fun! 


     Utilizing resources and information to motivate and educate yourself is necessary at any age to stay current and relevant.

  • Libraries are wonderful resources for educational information.
  • Google “Educational Videos”  find several options that may appeal to you.
  • Begin to learn a new language, start with basic words and sentences.
  • Read about destinations that interest you and the culture.

Start the plan now!

Don’t wait to “Retire” Be Progressive in your SKILL SET secure options for now and your future.


Keep your HEALTH in check

Planning for your health, personal desires, and having self-worth is something to be valued and should never be seen as dis-guardable. Everyone at any age should be considering what the plan is for the future. An even light exercise of the body AND the mind keep us lucid and mobile.

  • Take a walk – This clears the mind and is a wonderful time to visualize 
  • Do a word puzzle – Challenge yourself to expand your vocabulary
  • Eat a healthy diet – Food feeds the body and mind, keep it light and tasty.
  • Be social – Say hi to someone on your walk or invite an old friend to lunch
  • Read – Reading is an amazing tool. Get your mind active, jump start desires.

like minded people

                                     Like Minded People

Connecting with like-minded motivated people through an established network providing continued support and education is a powerful, valuable resource for Reskilling and implementing digital skills.

Yes, there are many programs, videos, books and more that will give you vague ideas and information but if you are serious about CHANGE than you need up to date, information and continued support.

Consider THESE questions,

No answers?

Don’t worry! We found some.


How will you make an income?

Multiple streams of income are good but at least one should be completely in your control.

This is why we have embraced the online business concept and begun to learn new skills that will guide and teach us in the digital market. We asked ourselves a few questions, you should too.   


What’s your plan for an unexpected event?

Would your resources accommodate your absence or inability to manage them?


 Online business allows you to work from just about anywhere



Beautiful work view

                                      Freedom of workplace

Do you have a plan to stay strong and healthy?

Having the ability to generate an income in a way that allows Freedom and the Time to take care of yourself is an attractive option.


Digital reskilling and working online allows you to dedicate the time you need to maintain health


What is your plan to exercising your mind?

Embracing new digital technology, learning how to market in the digital era and embracing world changes as you age will expand and sharpen your thinking stimulating your brain.


What social interactions will you maintain?

Working with like-minded, goal-oriented motivated people keep you sharp, progressive and gives a sense of worth and purpose


How will you define your desires enabling self-worth?

Having something to get up and do every day keeps you motivated, sharp and connected. These elements of life are essential to a successful and fulfilled existence.


Reskilling for a digital option can give security and flexibility



Do you have your own product or idea to market? 

Learning the skills to market SUCCESSFULLY online can be fun, new and exciting.

Inspiration to DREAM


Reskill, stay connected, give back and be progressive


Whether you are at the point of retirement decisions or beginning to realize it IS a reality but planning until now has been impossible, it doesn’t matter. What matters is getting serious and being honest with yourself ABOUT the reality of aging.

What are you going to do NOW to Prepare?


I encourage you to keep an open mind and believe in YOU. Others are looking at and considering the same options, you are.

Don’t be left with no control now or in retirement, explore and don’t stop until you find YOUR answer. 

Please come back to be a part of our journey as we make major changes in our life toward FREEDOM TIME AND MONEY

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