🌈 163 - FIVE

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Saturday 10 August 2019 

Woke up early, around 5:30, sat up to meditate, I was on audible, listening to Joe Dispenza's you are a placebo meditation, halfway through I felt a little funny in my tummy, I went back to bed lie-down to finish my mediation, after it finished, I was gonna go to gym as usual but I felt still a little funny, then I said to myself..

What would it take, for me to not feel this funny thing that I am feeling now, I want it to disappear, by the time I wake up again it should all be gone and I ignore it.." I went back to bed, putting my headphones on thinking for a short meditation to take a nap, Dan's one is 24 minutes, so I went for that.. It's Dan Lok on Youtube, at around 23 minutes, he says, when I say FIVE, you wake up and eyes wide open! he kinda screams so I usually wake up and have such an energetic nap usually.. with these quick naps and meditations.. 

When I woke up, I entirely forgot about my funny feeling, I ate a few things like soaked nuts etc and then got to gym really sharp.. at some point I had a glimpse of a clock, I wondered if it was going to be 8 or going to be 9 am.. I couldn't figure out, it's bkz I let go of the time so I rarely look at the time now.. 

I started with usual, pull-ups, 4 sets, then I did, Back workout today.   3 Sets of each 12, 10 & 8's of Lat Pulldown, Reverse Grip Cable Row, One Arm Dumbell Row, Shotgun Cable Row then a set of Barbell Curls to finish of with Abs, I went to Abs machine.. just when I got there, I felt like, so many people looked up, to look up towards me, bkz, they were in dark and I was in the light, the next room was dark they were just about to start a Bike Spin Class, I found my Abs machine, I was getting ready to do my exercise, then I felt this impulse to join the Spin class, It was about to start, I quickly ran and asked the tutor if I can join, it was like this bike was just set in the middle, the class was full excep that empty bike right in middle, I took that gratefully.. 45 minutes of God knows how many calories I burnt etc.. I just love doing the spin.. I don't really know, it burns calories or builds my legs, I feel really really really strong always after the Spin class.. 

It finished, I got a Salmon Bagel from Mimi's Deli in Oval by the Church, got home eating my Salmon Bagel the Sun was out and it felt so great.. 

I got home, was on my phone, checking my Adwords Campaign, I had recently tried Custom Intent Audience in Google Ads.. and the results have been excellent.. If this would be consistent, what would it take for me to come up with a nice plan to show how to achieve this with our all other SFM'ers our fellow online business owners or online business builders.. 

Then I sat down to mediate another time to Joe Dispenza's, bkz I had just eaten a Salmon Bagel so my tummy was full to lie down after the gym and spin class and I didn't wanted to sit up straight working on my laptop, I instead thought I could rest by meditation. I would set up Audible's speed to +2.50 then the audio lasts only for 30 min. which was ideal. bkz I wanted to take a nap before I meet my mate Jason at the Oval station at 12:45 to see our friends who are in town from Up North England, and we had gone to London Floral Art and Design show.. I had taken a few pics there.. 


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