3 Tips You Should Check Out To Make Your Goals Failproof


There is a method to make your goals failproof

The second day of 2018 and you might start to wonder how to make your goals failproof.

Either your New Year’s Resolution has focused on health, wealth, money or anything else, the second day your goals start to be put on fire.

The first attempt to miss out on your objectives could be there without even noticing it. However, there exist a few simple but yet important tricks to make your goals failproof.

As a passionate marathon runner, I never miss the training the first of January. It’s not so much about that you need to train that day, but rather the “show” served in front of your eyes.

All the people who have weight loss or a healthier life on their list of New Year’s Resolutions are out running. You notice it immediately.

New running outfits, with the “right” brand, matching colors, are mixed with a positivism to achieve the goals this year. If you visit your gym, the same thing will happen there. The gym owners have a particular name for this phenomena.

The January Rush

The sad side of all this is that within short, all are gone. In fact, stats show that 92% already fails the first month.

James Clear, one of my favorite bloggers when it comes to habits and goals, has a more in-depth explanation on how to make your goals achievable. To start somewhere, use the following simple steps to make your goals failproof:

Full focus to make your goals failproof

undefinedOne of the most significant errors you can do when setting your goals is to search for perfection. Referring to what is mentioned earlier about “The January Rush,” too high ambition can kill your resolution the first week.

To go out for a run or to go to the gym every single day, indeed is fantastic, but will you do it? Probably not.

Before setting your goals, analyze in depth how much time you have available. Also, resonate with your own inner feelings.

It’s a question about doing things on long terms, and not for a few weeks. No one else than yourself can decide what the optimized frequency is, but if you don’t find, it will hard to make your goals failproof.

Change negative statements to positive phrases and make your goals failproof

undefined“I will not be eating more ice cream,” or “I will not arrive late anymore to business meetings,” are both examples of negative statements.

The negative touch as such creates from the very beginning a negative approach to the topic. We all dislike prohibitions, limitations, and anything that can block you out from something.

Instead, turn it around and use a positive approach.

Personally, I love ice cream, but I know it’s not healthy and can easily cause you overweight.

Try to figure out how many ice creams you are eating per month. Let’s say that you eat two per week. If your goal setting then is to reduce the ice cream consumption to be one ice cream per week, you improve 50% on your consumption.

You handle the goal from a positive perspective and can live with it and probably improve further over time.

Controlled flexibility will make your goals failproof

undefinedThis last one is my personal favorite. It’s a “fight” between being precise and vague.

“The January Rush” syndrome is mostly an effect caused by an extreme precision in the goal setting. This is the reason why most people fall out pretty soon.

Life is a sophisticated way of being. On one side you must have certain firm cornerstones to build up your life around. On the other hand, you need sufficient flexibility to enjoy life as something you like.

Suffering through life is nothing to strive for, even if many people are doing it.

Before ending the day, ask yourself on what you improved today. You will always find something and use that “something” to convince yourself that you’re on the right track.

When starting my online business some years ago, it was a journey based on daily improvements.

Some days small but significant steps forward, and other days big decisions that changed the whole frame of the lifestyle I was living.

Try these three easy, simple but essential steps to make your goals failproof, and feel free to reach out and let me know about your results.

All the best for a prosperous and successful 2018!

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