5 Easy Steps to Discover Your Life Purpose

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There are two very noticeable things about people who know their life purpose:

  1. They have a kind of glow about them.  Not because they are health freaks or 30-minute-morning-meditators, but because they are animated by purpose and a sense of self-worth.  They ooze passion and productivity in a way that seems to allow any of life’s obstacles to just flow right through them with ease; 
  2. They are successful.  Whatever their field, success just seems to follow them wherever they go.  These people could fall down a sewer and seemingly come up smelling of roses!

Some lucky people know and have always known what their life purpose is.  Some drift along until life hits them like a kick in the crotch and they are awakened into knowing by the sheer shock of it.  For others, like me, it’s a gradual process that unfolds over time and sometimes it's just about knowing what you don’t want in life to discover what it is that you do want.

After high school, I went to University and studied to be an Accountant.  It is what I had always wanted to be.  I worked full time in an Accountants office and they gave me time off to attend lectures at University.  For a while, I was living my dream and I loved my job and I loved the learning.

Your Life Purpose

The office where I worked was medium-sized with about 40 employees, a lot of whom I got to know really well and they were all great people but I witnessed for the first time, was office politics.  When a vacancy arose, I couldn’t believe the bitching and backstabbing that went on between so-called ‘friends’, happy enough to ditch the 'friend badge' in favor of stomping on each other in order to scramble up the corporate ladder faster. Wow. 

I experienced a disconnect.  Coming from the country where it was all about neighbors helping each other out, office politics was new to me.  It wrecked my idealistic dream of being an 'adult', working in a lovely office, wearing makeup and nice clothes and sipping lattes at lunchtimes.  

Well, one day I just woke up, and thought, I don’t want to do this anymore! and to be honest it left me a bit lost.  I thought I knew what my purpose was but it turns out I was sadly mistaken.  I subsequently went through the next 25 years not being able to clearly define what my life purpose was.

Your Life Purpose

And then I worked it out.

There are 5 questions you need to answer:

1.       Who are you?

2.       What do you love to do – what lights you up?  What motivates you?

3.       Who do you do it for? - your family, your customers, people you don't even know? 

4.       What do these people want or need that they come to you? - what's your offer? 

5.       How do they change or transform because of what you give them? 

String your answers to these five questions into a single paragraph and voila!  There is your life purpose! 

It becomes a very powerful statement.  Why?  Because only 2 of these points are about you:  Who are you? and, what do you do?

And the rest are about other people:  Who do you do it for?  What do these people want or need that they come to you? and, how do they change or transform because of what you give them?

What this says is that the most successful people are passionate about putting other peoples needs ahead of their own - putting other peoples happiness and success first.

Abraham would say that these passionate and happy people are in alignment with who they really are.  And when you are in alignment, success automatically follows in ways greater than you could have imagined.

So now when I meet someone for the first time and they ask me first my name followed by a close second.......... what do you do?  I very clearly state:

“Hi, I’m Karen. I’m an affiliate marketer for an education system that allows entrepreneurs to take decisive action so they can get their greatest work out to the world.  I help people achieve the life of their dreams.”

People automatically want to know more about what it is that I do – what a great conversation starter!  Then I get to share my life’s purpose and more importantly, I get to share how they get to learn theirs too!

 Your Life Purpose




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