5 Questions to Santa Claus this Year and How to Read the Answers

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Do the right questions to Santa Claus and you'll get the correct answers

The questions to Santa Claus have always been a curious entertainment. There are tons of awesome questions to Santa Claus made by children all over the world.

As parents, we see this more like an entertaining and fun spectacle while our kids still believe in Santa. This old tradition will always survive as a joyful cultural element in society. With the turbulence and all drama the pandemic is producing, we will need Santa more than ever this year. This nice guy in red and with a never-failing white beard, no one will be missing.

However, this year, all creative kids' standard questions will perhaps be with a somewhat different touch. The adult generation might also be interested in bending out some question marks that Santa causes us all.

Questions to Santa Claus

Here is a pretended interview with Santa and his answers. As you know, Santa has answers to everything. But the answers might be a surprise for you.

How is the Coronavirus affecting Santa?

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