6 Steps To Prosperity And Abundance For Mumpreneurs | #1: Faith


If you desire your digital business to grow and prosper, the first step is to cultivate true faith

I know, I know what you must be thinking... How can such an abstract idea really be of benefit to you in your quest of increasing prosperity and abundance?

If you're brave and open minded enough to go through this six steps series, I will be discussing just one simple step at a time, that you need to take should you desire an increase in prosperity and abundance in your digital lifestyle after which I am certain you will come to the realisation that none can be a better starting point than getting to know the truth about faith.

Success made easy?!?

I have no doubt you've seen it all before, especially over recent years since the law of attraction became commercialised through the movie "the secret". Success made easy seems to be the tagline that most teachers of the law of attraction promote and while there's nothing wrong with the intention behind it, many of us are making the same mistake with this new revelation of universal laws that we used to make before our knowledge of them.

None of the laws are supposed to be controlled or exploited as a means of motivation. You cannot successfully manipulate or alter the natural laws that govern your success by any means. But you can learn to align better with them and utilise them in service to your desires. Since the digital revolution is carrying great promises for all who seek better livelihoods, gaining a proper perspective on how to actually make manifest something better than what has been in the past cannot be left in the hands of anyone else; not even your trusted gurus!

Your steps to succeeding need to be customized by you:

The truth is that there are natural universal principles that are eternal and ever in operation in our lives. Whether we know this and use them consciously or unconsciously, we still can't detach ourselves from natural laws and the order they follow.

Because they are so subtle and invisible to our senses, we have a really hard time taking them seriously - especially the hard working individual who is determined to create success.

Often times the driven success seekers prefer to endure unnecessary pain and struggle because society made us believe that there's no other way. That money and success always come through painful efforts; that survival is the normal way of life.

In this six part series I only aim to give you a little introduction to ideas that are extremely profound and life altering trusting that as your mind receives this new light, you will lean more toward finding your own truth and customizing your own steps to manifesting more prosperity and abundance in your life and business.

I will be focusing on six steps based on some of the main principles that any good teacher, school of thought or traditional wisdom teachings would declare as key principles in achieving more success and a greater sense of prosperity and abundance, regardless of what that means to you specifically.

The manifestations will always differ from person to person but the underlying satisfaction and the basic principles for getting there always remain the same as they are universal. Hence you need to realise that your success is yours alone and will carry certain unique qualities to it that no other individual can accurately guess.

That's why you want to stop blindly taking on what the success experts and gurus claim as the only strategic way to success and instead build your own. You can use their suggestions and clues as starting points to test on your own life but never assume that what works for another must work for you. What you want to start getting your hands on now is the underlying principle that will lead you into more prosperity and abundance.

The first of these ...



Increasing Faith that is based on right understanding:

I know most professional men and women have always felt this idea of faith to be too abstract and only valid for sentimental or even religious topics. Something to be taught and used by children and fairy tale lovers but not in business or serious matters.

I can remember growing up in the slums surrounded by deep poverty and suffering... Everyone around me struggled so much yet they kept talking about how much God was in control and that they had faith in a heaven that would come after they left earth. Being dirt poor and suffering was considered a virtue and I absolutely abhorred the idea.

I chose to seek after the evil fruit and cancelled myself from God's books because I was told that's what it took for me to have riches. It has taken many years for me to awaken to the truth about God, how life works and where prosperity stands in the reality of living. That's why in this post we are addressing one of the most paramount principles for success and a prosperous lifestyle. You simply can't afford not to work on this principle of faith because it is the one thing that society has neglected and often times misguided us on. So let's see why you need to apply it in your life and business to elevate things.

Contrary to popular belief, faith isn't just some whimsical idea, it is the very substance that your mind needs in order to manifest things into your world. There is blind faith for sure; and I suppose blind faith is better than no faith at all - but I assure you, the day will finally step into your true position and power as a child of this universe will be the day you start living from faith based on true understanding.  

What is faith based on true understanding and how can you use it to increase prosperity and abundance in your digital lifestyle?

This is faith that is cultivated, nurtured and maintained consciously. You get it from increasing your knowledge, receiving inspired guidance and shifting your consciousness. You get it from a deep study of the principles that both science and theology have given us today. But it doesn't end there...

Once you intellectually learn of new concepts and principles in life, you want to connect within and seek truth. Only the truth that is revealed to you from within will empower you and transform your outer conditions. In our digital world, choosing to become an online entrepreneur and designing your freedom lifestyle requires great amounts of faith and boldness. Why?

Because the internet is unlike traditional business models where physical labour and manual efforts helped you keep track and seemingly in control in the game of business. The internet is purely a mind game have you noticed?

More than ever before in human history, we have entered the age of human labour being substituted by mental powers and capacities. So those who win; those who will be able to create lasting success and prosperity are not those with the best strategies or bigger teams, but those with strong minds and unwavering faith.

Inspired teachings define faith as being the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 

                       - Hebrews 11:1 

And we now have scientific proof that all things, all matter, all form comes from an invisible source.

Well do you know that an increase in prosperity and abundance whether in your personal or professional life can only come through the same process that the living spirit has used to create the entire universe including yourself?

There will never be a deviation in the creative process and the only reason you have had a rough time producing your big desires has been because up until now you've assembled all necessary tools, strategies and techniques externally but left out the only substance that has the power to mould and form things that are unseen into tangible form... Makes sense doesn't it?

That's why true faith is something you want to start incorporating into your life and digital business starting now. The lifestyle you desire as well as the success of your business literally depend on your capacity to implement this as soon as possible. As women rising after centuries of lack and limitation we have inherited paradigms that are distorted, weak in spirit and lacking in faith. We are rewriting history as we speak becasue never again will the woman of this planet be surpressed or victimized against her will. The opportunity for any modern woman to become independently wealthy and self-sufficient just opened up thanks in part tot the digital revolution. But that doesn't do away with the fact that we have much work to do. Too many success paradigms that don't naturally come to us until we install them. Faith is a law of life few of us ever get in touch with, which means we get stuck in the unforgiving law of karma. But if we desire fresh starts and radical transformations, we need to align with the law of faith for it is the only way to reinvent our lives. It may not come easy and no one says it'll be something you can strengthen at the snap of a finger, but you can certainly beging today.

This will require much effort and commitment on your part trust me - but what else are you doing with your mental energy? Haven't you already wasted yourself trying to force things into place in the physical realm?

Here are the baby steps you can take today to start cultivating true faith based on understanding.

  1. Find a way to work on the growth of your business and learn how to create numerous sources of income.
  2. Surround yourself with the right mentorship and support team that will enable you to stay updated on the latest and best tactics to explode your business growth.
  3. Simultaneously invest more of your time, money and your energy focused on shifting your consciousness and increasing your faith.This is done through the renewing of your mind and enhancing of your six mental facutlies. If you don't know what your mind is, how it works or what your mental faculties are, then that's the first point of action for you today. Start getting answers and clarity!

These have to be done simultaneously if you want to increase prosperity and abundance in your digital lifestyle rapidly. And it is very doable as long as you find a way of placing yourself in an environment that offers you both the business systems as well as the spiritual growth and nourishment that your mind needs.

Parting words:

The beautiful truth is that cultivating your faith will exponentially shift your entire life and business. It will ensure you get to create real prosperity and success. Not mere increase in cash which comes out of great struggle!

I desire for you to have the life you were meant to live and if you study sacred teachings, wisdom traditions, current recordings of physical and mental science, it will become obvious to you too that struggle, poverty, lack and shortage are simply errors we have created on our end of the equation.

The living All-originating Spirit has never intended that any of his children should suffer or get stuck in poverty and "not enoughness"... The internet has come alive in this age so that we can start restoring some of those errored facts.

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