7 Rules to follow that will bring you closer to your dreams

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There are certain rules that I need to keep in mind on a daily basis and I practice these rules. We all want to get ahead in life, whether it’s financially or better ourselves as an individual.

I have an online business and help other people to create their own online businesses as well. Daily I am faced with a load of daily tasks that need to be completed. It is important for me to stay motivated and keep clear of my goals and dreams.  It is so easy to get demotivated and dragged down and thus is it vital that you have some rules to help you succeed. Here are ten rules I live by;

1. Don’t Live On Someday Isle!

There is a big word called “procrastination” and we usually find that the little voice in our head, which is yourself, by the way, tell us that we will do it tomorrow or when a certain circumstance is right. This way we are living on "someday isle", where we keep extending tasks we have to do to another date or time. If we keep on doing this we will never complete a task or it might take us much longer to complete the task that could’ve taken us a few minutes to complete, thus if you have a task or deadline, complete it immediately. You will feel accomplished and get things done!

2. Have A Mentor Or Learn Every Day From Experts That Have Done What You Are Doing

Get somebody that has done what you are doing, someone that walked the path you are walking and let them mentor you. Learn from them and don’t reinvent the wheel, it was already invented.

3. Manage your time

It is vital that you manage your time sufficiently if you are like me, your time will be limited and so important that you plan how you going to spend your time. Write it down and schedule your time the night before on how you will spend the time you have the following day. I take 15 minutes every night before I go to bed to schedule my time for the next day. Ps. this also makes you sleep so much better knowing exactly when and what you going to do the next day.

4. Structure your goals as questions

It is vital that you be clear and precise on your goals. Structure your goals as questions with how or why for example let’s say you set a goal to reach an income of $10000 per month in your business. This is all good, but it doesn’t say much does it? Rather set your goal as to how am I going to reach an income of $10000 per month, and then you can set it even further and work out the path to how you going to do that. This way you will be very clear on your goals and how you will reach them.

5. Form and create good habits

Good habits are hard to form and bad habits easy however if you form good habits that are pushing your growth forward you will realize your daily tasks gets done much easier without you even noticing that you are doing it. I follow the 21/90 rule to establish habits in my life, if you would like to find out about this rule you can read my blog on it here.

6. Don’t quit and commit

In business and life sometimes things don't always come as fast as we want them too! Success lies behind many trial, error and consistent action. The key is to not quit and commit to what you are doing! It’s not going to be easy, but most certainly be worth it in the end.

7. Never give up on your dreams

This is the only time you may use the phrase: I will never give up on my dreams (never say never). If you constantly give up, well, unfortunately, the truth is you will never reach them. Surround yourself with people that support you in your quests to find your dreams and don’t give up on them!

Practice these 7 rules that that will bring you closer to your dreams and make them viable to your life or situation and see how it might help you to reach your potential. It has most certainly help me in my business and life. I hope it can add some value to yours!

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