7 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Kick Social Media Addiction

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Your social media addiction can be solved by a few simple steps 

Many should need to detox from social media addiction, but few see the need to do it. Since time ago it is common to hear about people who have a burnout. They just can't afford to work anymore and get sick. It's a common disease in a stressful working environment.

People who suffer from burnout get many recommendations on how to change their lifestyle and working habits. All this, to avoid running into a new burnout with all negative consequences following.

However, in today's digital world, taking a more significant piece of the global economy, do you ever hear about burnouts or something similar? The advantage of doing business online is that you don't get into the same kind of stress environment as in the traditional offline business.

However, there are plenty of rabbit holes you need to watch out for. Being trapped in those not very obvious pitfalls can damage your work, and even destroy your entire business. 

These pitfalls you will find everywhere in social media. To get rid of your social media addiction isn't easy but necessary.


Detox from Social Media Addiction and Decide How to Live Your Life


Watching people at a restaurant, or walking the dog, how often do you see people regularly using their cellphone? Scaring, isn't it? It's like the cellphone is part of their brain.

Albert Einstein said:

"There is a race between mankind and the universe. Mankind is trying to build bigger, better, faster, and more foolproof machines. The universe is trying to build bigger, better, and faster fools. So far, the universe is winning."

The digital evolution and the way we live is much faster and easier. It's something that has positively changed many people's lives. On the same digital "wave" also many have become addicted to the Internet and all social media.

To detox from social media addiction follows the same process as any other addiction, like smoking and alcoholism, to just mention two. Without being fully aware of your problem, it's hard, well, even impossible to detox from social media.

Have you ever tried a completely free Internet and cellphone day? I mean, turn off your cellphone and hide it. Do not even touch your computer or any other digital device. The feeling you get after such an experimental day is a direct measurement of how significant need you have to undergo detox from social media.

The good thing is that there exist methods to get in control of all social media and not the other way around, where social media mold your life.

7 Steps to Detox from Social Media Addiction

You can find many different recommendations on how to relate to social media. First, you need to be aware of the signs indicating that you're in need of detox from social media. Here are seven steps to detox from social media addiction, starting already today.


#1 Day Off

Mark immediately your first day off from the Internet and all digital devices, including your cellphone. To make it as easy as possible the first time, do it on a Saturday or Sunday. To choose a weekend day will minimize the risk of using job duties as an excuse for not doing it. OK, be ready; nothing will beep, vibrate, blink….


#2 Inform

If you are working online, for sure, all social media are essential for your business. Make a post, send messages, and inform the way you prefer, that you will be offline day X. Make it as a topic for your audience. Invite them to do the same.

It could be a cool thing and definitely different from all other stuff you use to see in posts on the Internet. Do not forget to inform your loved ones and closest friends, to avoid that they start to worry about you. If not getting in contact with you, they can begin to think the worse and being a reason to start calling hospitals, police, and even morgues.


#3 What to do?

undefinedAs we are so occupied to watch Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…..you need to think about what to do instead of scrolling social media. It's not a joke, but this is a tough one. It's like taking away all alcoholic beverages from an alcoholic.

A whole day without likes and all other hypes around social media. Fortunately, I belong to a group of people who grew up before the digital era. What we did back then was to do things with the family and your best friends.

It could be a perfect moment to take up the hobby or any other activity you're passionate about, and you never had time to do before (because social media stole your time.)

These first three points are all about how to handle your first offline day. The next step will be to change your habits in your daily life.


#4 Planning & Routines

All businesses contain specific daily routines. Make a planner and stick to it. The way I work is as following.

First thing in the morning, I spend 10 minutes to scroll through all emails. If you're working with an online business, you can have hundreds of emails in your inbox. If there is something very urgent that must be attended immediately, you need to do it. However, only once every two months I find in my inbox something that requires such immediate attention.

The next category will be to sort out the emails to be attended later during the day. Typically, I plan for a 20 minutes session around none to attend those messages, and the rest at the end of the day.

The third category is emailing to be attended but not necessarily today. Finally, delete all scams and similar stuff you are not interested in. When continuing the working day, do not check incoming emails every time you hear a beep or a pop-up message on your screen. Use the programmed time slots to check emails.

The same goes for all your social media. Do not check Facebook, Instagram, or whatever it might be, every time you see a pop-up or hear a beep. Check it twice a day, respond to what needs a response, like and be social with your audience. This engagement work will be much better if you do it in a planned way, and not are jumping around on the Internet like a bee from flower to flower.


#5 Scheduling

If you are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, broadcasting, etc. you need to publish posts with a specific frequency to deliver useful content to your audience. Plan once a week for a post scheduling session. It's when you produce and schedule all your material for an entire week.

There are many different tools you can use for this purpose. I like Buffer and Onlypult. In my opinion, Onlypult is the best app for Instagram scheduling. They are professional tools always updated to work correctly with the frequent changes of algorithms in social media platforms.

For email broadcasting, Aweber is, in my opinion, the best tool you can find in the market.


#6 Disciplined approach

Planning is the key to all successful businesses online. If you’re new to this fantastic digital world and all its opportunities, you, will very soon discover that there is an endless series of offers, training, new things, and a never-ending education.

Each one of these things is important, but you must apply a strictly disciplined approach to it, to not be trapped in one of the many rabbit holes. In an earlier article, we went through how a professional planning frame should look like.


#7 Develop other interests

When running an online business that you're passionate about, it's easy to be an addict to your business. In fact, the difference between passion and addiction is a minimum.

It doesn't matter how passionate you are, everything and everybody needs a break sometimes. Develop some other interest that can distract you a while from your business.

Luckily, I'm a passionate runner, a long time before I even started my online business. To attend my training correctly gives me new energy, advantages, and improved efficiency when working with my business.

Last but not least, never try to create an online business on your own. You can do it, and for people with programming skills, it could even look like an exciting challenge. Connect to a ready-made platform and take advantage of all features at your disposal.

The platform I'm using has saved me time and a lot of money. After all, what you're looking for is a business you can grow and build your life around. Get your free training to learn how to make your first 10K online. It will be your first step towards personal freedom and a lifestyle you will love.


Conclusions to Fix Your Social Media Addiction

undefinedEverything starts with an honest awareness of your problem. Once the awareness is strong enough, continue with a "day off." Learn to decide who's the boss. When a beep or vibration decide when to check your device, social media addiction is evident. Easy like that!

Start to work smarter on the Internet. If your business is an online business, don't jump around trying everything you find. I promise you that you will find new apps and systems every single day for the rest of your life.

Chose the systems and platforms that will serve your business the best way. Stick to them, and they will be your best alliance for your business, but also your best friend to avoid social media addiction.

The following apps and systems provide professionalism, time freedom, and efficiency into my online business:





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