I wanted raising my son to be my J.O.B, this is the vehicle I'm using to make it happen.

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Hey there!

I want to share with you 4 things regarding affiliate marketing that I found to fit my criteria as a stay-at-home mom. 

If you have read my post trapped in life then you will know a bit of my story and how I started online. Well, this post is to explain a little about the vehicle I chose to use to change my life, affiliate marketing.

Before I begin, I'd like to get your permission to speak raw and real, I believe the best way to get something across is through authenticity, so if that's cool... read on. 

Many people are aware of affiliate marketing, and many ARE NOT. This can be a big miss out, for people who are looking to change their circumstances in life. When I first stumbled across it I was a complete newbie, so if that's you... you're safe with me. ;)

The benefits of being in control of your own income are endless, but I believe what most people are seeking is geographical freedom and/or time freedom. Can you relate?

Maybe to see the world, or simply spend your time with the people you love. It's different for all of us.

If you get to dictate your paycheques, decide when you work and when you don't, decide where you live and when you travel without finances or a boss limiting you...

...that my friend, is geographical freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom.

And yes, it's possible. It is not out of reach like mediocrity's beliefs currently pose it is. It is closer to your fingertips than you think. In fact, if you have a computer and an internet connection it is IN YOUR HANDS. 

Is it easy? HELL NO! Like anything worth wanting it is hard work and takes dedication to learning new skills. Like I said, I am here to be completely frank with you. There have been times that I felt like I was going to give up, times when I have felt overwhelm with information overload. And I think it's safe to say there are times that you will too. 

One of my mentors said this once, and put it all into perspective for me in a matter of seconds;

What other options do you have, and what does your future look like with those options?

I'll let you take that one in for a few seconds...

Personally, I don’t like the idea of someone else deciding what my time is worth. And I never have… but I also had no idea it was possible for the average person to have it any other way… until I found Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to take a product that you support and are passionate about and promote it while making an income on commissions... In short.  

Short Q&A

1. “Why would a company use affiliates to sell their products and services?” Because we live in an economy now that is thriving on open source and driven by value. Word of mouth and trust sells better than an ad on TV or in a magazine.

2. “Why would I want to make another company money?” Do you have your own product line that is proven? No? Okay, then why wouldn’t you partner with a company who does? I am NOT advising you to promote a product you don’t believe in or a company you don’t trust.

3. “How do I start?” Whoa whoa whoa! Slow your roll!   

4 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing.

  1. Your income is completely up to you.

    It is your choice what you sell, and how you market it. You can be the person you are and deliver your message to people who communicate the same way as you. Once you have mastered how to Market a product online, you can market anything online. Mastering marketing won’t happen overnight, but the only way to get good is to start. I mean, we aren’t getting any younger, and things are just getting exciting.

    Now, again, to be frank. If you don’t do the work then you won’t make an income. I know... “That’s common sense” but you would be surprised how many people don’t put in the time and effort and then tell you “it doesn’t work”. You will be required to buck up, and have self-discipline. This doesn’t only go for online, this goes for anywhere.  
  1. The World is YOUR market.

    This is one of the biggest benefits! You do not have a town or a city population to set your boundaries. You can market to someone across the world as easily as you can to your neighbor. (actually, it's easier than your neighbor)This is what makes it possible to create an income stream and one that is quite substantial. What I really love about this one is its possible to help someone who you have never met. The internet is changing everything.  
  1. The Digital Economy is our future. Which is AWESOME.

    Okay, I understand that this sounds corny. But sit down (I’m sure you're already sitting) Maybe, just get comfortable and take a breath. Our world is going digital, everything is moving online and becoming automated. You can either be scared, or you can embrace it.

    Making money online is no longer a “Ponzi scheme” or “pyramid scheme”. Making money online is growing at an extremely fast rate. Those guys that show off their cars and say “I make money while I sleep”… It's not fake. Yes, these guys come across as arrogant and will eventually find what actually feeds their passion, but this is the truth. (In many cases)

    Also, the beauty of it all is that marketing online is most effective when being authentic. Yes, authentic. To be truly successful at a sustainable rate you must be yourself and aim to add value to others lives. Don’t worry, you can learn how to be yourself, sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately, society and culture have done a wonderful job at teaching us who we “should be” not how to be our truly authentic selves. This was the biggest learning curve for me, but it is also transformational.

    What’s the financial benefit of this? You work hard for a short while and then enjoy life for a long while.
    The internet is extremely efficient. Once you learn and understand with personal trial and error following the education and your mentor's advice you can tweak the business to run for you while you sleep, bathe in the sun, spend time with the people you love, and live your passion.

 Affiliate Marketing

  1. ROI will surprise you.

    Start up capital or investment is one that stops many people in their tracks. Shouldn't everything be free? I don't need a building or land... (thank god!) What you do need is, a product line that is high quality. One that has the ability to impact lives, and you need to have education, tools, and resources. Most of my investment has gone into mentorship and coaching and I would spend it twice over for the value its added to my life.

    Having said that, even though you are not spending hundreds of thousands for the startup like you would if it was a traditional business, you are still receiving a great ROI.

    Although having a marketing budget to put into the platform of your choice, (Google, BING, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter… and much more) will ultimately speed up your results. It is not mandatory if you are willing to work hard and dedicate time to your Affiliate marketing business than you can do it with absolutely no marketing budget.

    “But I have no time!”

    Do you watch TV, Ever? Do you currently use social media platforms as time wasting pleasure boats? How much time do you spend casually sitting around with friends, shooting the shit that you shot the day before? Do you think time management could be the problem? 
    (hence, getting your permission to be raw) 

Because, if you study anyone who has reached any level of success, who actually have the least amount of time. They always have time for what’s important. And if you want the future of your choice, then that’s important. Make the time. It’s up to you.   

Don't have a clue what you're doing? That's OK too! 

Do you feel like this would be something that only young adults can do? Or only older experienced people can do? Or maybe just the intelligent computer geeks? WRONG. Anyone who is willing to learn can do this. Currently, I know elderly couples and elderly individuals, younger couples and younger individuals. Geeks, yes. Cool kids, yes. Just the average person (me type) who knows a little about computers and the internet but not a whole lot.

My point is if you are willing to learn then you can do this no problem. You don't need a specific skill or specific knowledge. (once you get started you will realize how much you have right now that you didn't even know about) All you need is the nagging feeling that there is a better life for you, a goal or three :) And the guts to do what's necessary to make things happen.

Lastly, I would like to touch on the word "marketing";

I know for many this word sends chills down your back, the reason for this is because for generations now we have been SOLD things, constantly! Everywhere you look you are being sold. It wouldn't matter if it was always something that would benefit our lives at the time... but we all know that is not the case. 

So if I may, I would like to shine some light on the meaning. To market, is to put a product or service in front of the eyes of someone who is currently looking to fix a specific problem in their lives, in which that product will serve that purpose. 

It is not to 
manipulate people into a sale or lie. Yes, of course there are nasty people online who will manipulate and lie just as there are in the physical world we live in. What I am trying to emphasize is if you come from a selfish place and manipulate or lie, you may make some money but you will NOT sustain it in today’s digital economy. The most successful online marketers have focused on adding value to people’s lives by building trust and by having the person they are marketing to in their absolute best interest. So I encourage you to adopt some new beliefs associated with the word marketing: 

So, you made it to the end of this post. Would I say it is safe to assume you are looking to change some circumstances in your life? If this is the case then I invite you to get in touch with me here; getintouch@britneyauclair.net after you ask yourself the following questions, and answer them honestly. 

1. Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone, and get into the driver’s seat of your life?
2. Are you willing to be a good student?
3. Are you willing to teach what you learn, and help other people?

All the best! 


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