Massive Success Is The Best Revenge

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I'm sure that you have been in a situation where you feel like other people have taken advantage of you. I have definitely been in such a position. Be it a coworker, a boss or maybe even a family member. Sometimes some people like to talk down on others in order to feel better themselves. It is not good or in any way noble, but sometimes it happens. I'm sure that you haven't done something like that on purpose, but what if it happens to you?

Just imagine a situation when you sit with a group of colleagues and your boss comes up and starts to chastise you severely on some work-related stuff. He may even insult you directly and make sure that you feel really bad. As tempting as it may be at that point to lash out, retaliate and say something really bad in return, you can't do that, because it is your boss, and you can't take any chances on losing your job.

I found inspiration in writing this article from one of the best singers of all time, the great Frank Sinatra. Ol' Blue Eyes said the following "The Best Revenge Is Massive Success". If you think about it, it really makes sense, doesn't it? Responding to the insults from you boss, wouldn't do you any good. On the other hand, if you took Mr. Sinatra's advice and started working really hard on your job. In addition started an online business and in a reasonable amount of time replaced your job-income with the income from your business, you could quit the job graciously. Say good-bye to the boss once and for all, and maybe even drive a much cooler car than he does :)

So if you ever feel that others are unfair to you, then become successful and prove them wrong. If you'd like to learn more about how I got started with online business and meet my mentors, please feel free to click the link:

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Richard Pulst

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