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You have now gone past that stage of getting started, getting set up in the online world, you passed the rush and motivation high of something new. A few months and you now have your feet wet, you have started to market, invested in advertisement, made your website, now you are writing blogs, doing video marketing, buying ads, publishing, and connecting with people on social media. Have you earned money yet? Read this bit carefully, no money yet from all the research I have done, from top online marketers, to speaking with upcoming greats in forums and chats and simply listening to those dominating the game, THIS IS COMPLETETLY NORMAL!

In fact, you are running about average… and the top average not the bottom one, if you have made no money yet and it’s been 6 months, perhaps try and connect with some people in your community (E-mail me if you want), get hold of your mentor, coach etc. and explain him/her your worries, most likely you will come to a strategy implementation and shortly after start generating an income. If it’s been shorter, then you simply need to look at yourself and see whether you are doing everything in your power to get that first sale, if you are then probably you are not doing it every day, and if you are doing everything that you can do, then could you do more? And try and hold that work ethic for as long as you can it will be rewarded. I was listening to an online seminar yesterday morning from the guys at Santori Prime, which is something I recommend you do, listen, and get advice, tips, and tricks, from those that are where you want to be, every single day! And they were going over this whole concept of maybe the system I am working with doesn’t work, or isn’t for me, or whatever, they said that it shouldn’t be about the system you are using it is about you! If you are new, then it is your job to find a way of making it work for you, because I am sure you chose a system that has not proved that it worked and still works now (if for some reason you did, this might help ) So if other people are making money and you are not, the good news is you are in the right system and the even better news is that you simply have to work harder and smarter to achieve that goal.

One way I maintain my motivation up even in days that I make no leads or generate traffic and my bank account looks lonely, is I have focused on building my online presence heavily on Facebook and Instagram. I have over 11 thousand people following me on Instagram and over a thousand on Facebook. Seeing your presence grow day by day is motivating and makes me work harder, engaging with people is fun and plus it has also brought many financial benefits, like doing sponsored posts (getting paid for posting a photo, how cool is that!?), receiving free merchandise and gifts from brands like nike, babolat and exclusive clothing lines. Growing on social media, is much easier and you can achieve more in a shorter amount of time.

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 If you want all this narrowed down, here are my tips and way I go about things: Work hard, Learn Hard and Grow your online presence every day. As some of you may know, I love Les Brown, he said always emphasises the important of failing and how crucial it is to success. In a speech, he did in front of thousands of people back in the 90s he said, ‘if you have failed twice or three times, you are running about average’. Furthermore, he explained that you will fail your way to success, so my friend take calculated risks, try new stuff, gather data, see what works, you are in the experimental time of your journey, make the most of this time, because is not coming back.

Stat Focused my friend.

Efrain Herrera


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