Start an Online Business Only If You Really Want it

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You might think, yes, that is obvious, yet, as we are living in an era where it is so easy to start an online business, many people quit their jobs and careers only to give up on their business dream when they realise it takes a lot of commitment, perseverance and diligence.

I have failed in two business. Back in the '80s when the internet was not yet a feasible option, my husband and I had this big dream of starting our own business. My husband had extensive knowledge in designing and production in the plastic industry, in spite of being good at those areas, it wasn't enough to take a business to success. After a couple of years, we closed down due to lack of capital and perseverance. 

We both got discouraged and went back to our traditional jobs. However, I was not happy. I wanted to spend more time with our sons, to live a more adventurous life, to visit my family who are all over the world and I wanted a business that allowed me to travel and work from any part of the world.

As the years went by and the internet got more and more an option to start an online business, I joined my good friend in her Network Marketing business. 

After all, I had the motivation and had seen many people who were not academic and were dissatisfied with the corporate world enjoying a successful business. At the same time, I also saw those super smart who held great careers but didn't follow through and gave up their dream.

Even though the Network company I joined was getting more and more involved online, most people, including myself, were very much approaching our business the old model style and although I loved the company, its products and its community, I was not committed, and I let it go.


After living these experiences, I realise that it doesn't matter what your capabilities are or how academic you are, running an online business or any kind comes down to getting involved in something you are passionate about and sticking to it until you succeed.

Thinking back, I was not passionate about those two businesses. Therefore, I didn't commit to them. It took me a while to realise I was wasting my time, constantly re-inventing myself. I knew I desired to find an online business that gave the time and financial freedom but more than anything I wanted to regain peace of mind by doing something that I love. Many of us underestimate this aspect. 

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When I think about it, my motivation back then, was to strive for the exciting holidays, the big houses, the nice cars, things the society says that we should want, but in reality, when we wake up every morning with peace of mind and feeling appreciation for what we are living in the moment, is more satisfying. 

The question is, are you going to continue to do what it takes when times get tough? And that applies to anything you do, following a diet, exercise, education, meditation, time management whatever you decide, because once you create the new habits, it is easy to continue.

Online business is no different, some people are successful in a short period of time others might take years, but the reality is that people that stick at it, the ones that persevere are the ones that go on to succeed. There is no such thing as failing. It is quitting. It is always a choice. 


When I was searching for an online business, the essential aspect for me was to enjoy the journey. Would you agree that if you are doing something you are passionate about, it has to be enjoyable? You've got to believe and enjoy what you do.

When we got involved in our previous businesses, we were mainly interested in making money. After all, we were looking to improve our financial situation. Our jobs didn't give us the fulfilment. There was a part of us that said that what we were doing was not giving us the freedom we both wanted.


After our two experiences, I decided to take the time to figure out exactly what it was I wanted to do. It wasn't easy to go through all those ads on social media offering different business models, so at first, it was quite overwhelming. 

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When you are clear about your values, start contributing to other people's growth and add those values to the marketplace, you will find the decision is easy.

If you are wondering where to start, begin with a business you are passionate about, something that fuels you to do whatever it takes to persevere, do the work, get it done and keep going. It doesn't matter how long it takes.

The benefits are enormous when running an online business, it offers geographical, time, financial freedom and an exciting lifestyle. When you learn the principles and the systems are in place, it becomes a simple business, not easy because it is going to take work and effort.

Where do you start? Find out what you are passionate about. Commit to it and learn the process.

Tell me, what are you passionate about? What is it that drives you? Please share them in the comments below.

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With much appreciation


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