What does it mean to create ultimate freedom?

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On my quest to find my own version of freedom, I started to identify three areas of my life where I felt physically and emotionally trapped. One was my mind, the second one was my struggle with time, and the third area was my living environment. 

After years in this pattern, like a hamster in a wheel, it simply become a normalised way of living. Deep down I could hear my inner voice questionning if this was all there was! Sometimes, as this was happening I became deeply depressed, I didn't recognise this emotion as my inner being trying to 'help' me understand that I need it to just do something about it. Fear sometimes keeps you from trying a different way and your brain tells you to avoid any unnecesary risk, and so life just stays the same.

I've always had an appetite for growth. since I was at school I strived to achieve the best grades, I follow the education system and obtained qualification after qualification, the only way I understood to get validation and later on, a well paid job that will give you the 'freedom' most of us dream of.

Did I achieve all that? Yes, to an extend I did. The journey of going through the higher education system hasn't been wasted. It brought challenges. I learned the hard way to manage my time between university commitments and rasing a young family. I grew mentally and intellectually. Achieving a bachellor degree while being a mother of three toddlers did lift my cofidence in my own potential.

This was nearly 10 years ago, since then I have obtained a postgraduate certificate in teaching and a master degree in education; all this, because I wanted to break free from the financial prison and be in a position where I could comfortably provide for my family.

Today, I sit in my office writing this reflection. I achieved a managerial job in a higher education institution. Not bad, but guess what? I'm trading my time for money, working to get paid an income that's limited, the same salary month after month and it's simply not enough! after years of studying, of going up a ladder, I still haven't managed to get high enough to see the results, not today in this current economy. 

Does it need to be this hard? Someone I knew once said "She won't make it alone, she'll need someone to help her". this statement stayed with me. Do I really need to find somebody to 'save me'? To help me? I questionned this from various angles: Is this because I am a woman? a mother of four? a divorcee? a single working parent? Do I really need someone to help me break free from the financial contrains? from the struggle of juggling a 9 to 5 and the school run? and the house chores? and the grocery shopping? and paying bills etc..?

I refused to accept this. If anything, that statement gave me the fuel I needed to spring back up. To snap out of the self-pity I had. It gave me the desire to look for options and be resourceful.

I've spent days, weeks, months researching for alternatives, different opportunities, systems and processes. At first, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. I felt skeptical of all the 'Get-Rich-Quick' schemes. I personally believe that nothing is for 'free' and nothing good comes out of not working hard.

I didn't know how or where to start so I decided that my best option was to find someone that was already doing what I was dreaming of. A mentor with the experience and knowledge who could  help me understand and from whom I could learn as quick as possible.

This decision led to a team of top digital online business mentors. Under their guidance I have found the alternatives I was looking for, I believe in dreaming and in working hard for what you dream of. But I also believe in life with a meaningful purpose. And that means having the freedom to choose how I want to spend my time, freedom to earn more than I'm told I'm worth, freedom to create my own lifestyle according to my values.

I'm not near ready to leave my day job, but if like me your feel there's more to life than your normalised paid-job. The Six Figure Mentors is the perfect community for hard-working people who are life-long learners and want to become digital entrepreneurs. You will learn how these successful people create profitable online home-based businesses and they'll mentor you to create your own.

This is a course packed with weekly webinars, video training, live events, one-to-one mentoring sessions and tons of resources on how to create your own version of freedom. 

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