A Digital Lifestyle - My Story, Part 3. Studies & Work

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Hi there! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great start this week.

I will continue my story about my journey to a digital lifestyle. Beginning with my studies, as I promised last time.
So, about the same time as we moved to Gran Canaria, I found what I had been looking for regarding my studies. I did a lot of research since I wanted to be sure I was making the right decision, especially when money and my time is involved.
I started as a student in a company called The Six Figure Mentors (SFM). When I realised what this education could give me I actually even ended my University studies. 
This is a company with real professional marketers, a company that offers digital marketing and online business education from live webinars and one to one mentor training (just to mention some) and with the right mindset and values. It was important for me not to end up with some scam "get money easy with no effort or money investment" kind of company. 
I believe true success comes from education and hard work. This was what I was looking for.


I decided to start my training and also chose to be an affiliate at the same company. When working as an affiliate I would market the companies different education courses and get paid for sales, although the company would close the sales for me.
That meant I would also do my training with The Digital Experts Academy (DEA) to market high ticket products, which is in the same company. In this way, I would be able to "earn while I learn". That is the best way to learn I think, not only by theory but also practical education and with a great possibility to earn money meanwhile. 
I will be honest with you although the embarrassment.... I am from the generation who actually had typewriters in school. Even comparing to my kids I feel like a dinosaur. I type with my pointing finger and have no technical knowledge at all when it comes to computers. So, to be able to get trained within a company that offers a complete system, all on one platform, was/is essential for me. I do not even have to understand the technical stuff, just follow the steps to set up my marketing.
If you are interested in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, to start your own internet business, becoming an affiliate (promoting other companies´ products) or learn to market your own products more effectively, I can really recommend this training company. You´ll learn how to drive traffic, attract customers, advertise on different platforms such as Bing and Google, to mention some. If you would like to know more you can get more information here
Thanks for letting me share my story! Next time, I will tell you more about living in Gran Canaria and where I am heading right now.
Wishing you a fantastic day!
All The Best!
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