Addicted to Melodrama

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Hey!  Well, I don't think I am particularly melodramatic - though like all of us I do have tendencies to be so in certain situations.   

I have been experiencing a technical hiccup with my business which has kept me busy problem solving for the past three days.  This has thrown up many emotions from which I choose to take the learnings.  The learnings I found in a Deepak Chopra meditation -  I'll attach it for you at the end of my message.

I could have choosen to treat my technical issue as a melodrama.  I could have described it as a MAJOR ISSUE.  I could have drawn lots of negativity towards it.  We know that really gets me nowhere.  Our brains shut down and fail to think effectively in melodrama mode.

For all three days I worked hard to contain my emotional response.  Day 3 I took a whole day off from the problem.  In reality, there are no life changing consequences of the fix not being found for 24 hours.  Day 4 I sat down with a good night sleep, a clear mind and a coffee.  I worked my way through the problem again.  I researched and found a new source of knowledge.  Before that source of knowledge had time to suggest a fix I stumbled across the fix myself.

Contain melodrama.  We can choose to not respond that way.  Focus on the positive - the fix - and the universe will send positivity and the fix.  Celebrate the success.  Accept the lesson.

Ca-ching!  As Lightening McQueen would say.

Deepak Chopra

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