Addicted to Melodrama

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I don't think I am particularly melodramatic though when I look at how others in my circles manage stressful situations it does make me wonder if I am.  What does it mean and why is it not a great tendency to hang on to?

Reduce melodrama - respond differently.  undefined

I have been experiencing a technical hiccup with my digital business which has kept me busy problem solving for the past three days.  Historically I would have become very upset about this.  Angry and frustrated because I couldn't resolve the problem in the timeframe that I wanted.  I would have made this into a drama instead of what it actually is which is just a problem that needs to be resolved.

The impact of this approach is to focus on the negative - to make the negative way bigger than it really is.  This causes the negativity to impact more broadly throughout all my life.  I find myself talking to friends and family about it.  Talking about it helps me to hang on to the problem.  And I find myself spending more and more time focusing on the problem and not very much time talking about how about how I am solving the problem - what are the steps I am taking, what's the approach to resolve, who am I asking for help.

Upon reflection - I become addicted to melodrama.  I tested my new theory about myself by listening to myself when I met with my girlfriends for our regular Friday night drink - one glass of wine. I found that when I planned to not speak about the problems I have been experiencing during the week I didn't have much to say!!  That's not good.  I concluded that I have become addicted to melodrama and it is building the presence of melodrama in my life.  I reflected on how others - say senior managers or politicians - are surviving their incredibly stressful days and I concluded that it is all about how they approach the situation.  They approach the situation in a calm and considered fashion - just like it is a situation to be worked through.

I applied this new approach to my technical situation.  For all three days I worked hard to contain my emotional response.  Day 3 I took a whole day off from the problem.  In reality, there are no life-changing consequences of the fix not being found for 24 hours.  Day 4 I sat down with a good night sleep, a clear mind and a coffee.  I worked my way through the problem again.  I researched and found a new source of knowledge.  Before that source of knowledge had time to suggest a fix I stumbled across the fix myself.

Contain melodrama - choose to not respond that way.  

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