Are we working to live, or we are just living to work?

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Are we working to live, or we are just living to work? In many ways, both are true. You need money to work and short of inheriting a fortune you will need to work to earn money to get by. However, many jobs or careers overdo it and you end up living just to work. In some professions or jobs, when a person is particularly passionate about the career they are in, as many scientists or writers are, this may be okay. However there is much to be said about finding a better balance in your life.

Life Passing You By

It is easy to have your life pass you by when you are spending all of your time chasing money or obsessed with a career. This is often true with jobs that are big money earners; an CEO and CFO of most companies needs to put in a superhuman effort to keep a company headed in the right direction.

Still, there is more to life than work and accumulating possessions. Many people find meaning in their life from spending time with family or pursuing their interests. Work can get in the way of a balanced and interesting life and lead to stress and depression.

Gaining Meaning Through Work

A quality job gives a person a purpose, helps them to dispel energy and frustration, and helps them to develop positive social interactions which can build their character . Work can be interesting and pose a real challenge for a person. There are many positives to working hard and long hours, one of which is being able to better assess your abilities as compared to other employees.

The Reality of the Working World

The reality of the modern world is that if you are not working above and beyond other employees then you can be replaced. The longer you stay in a job the higher your salary is likely to be, moreover there is an added risk that a company can look outside for alternatives. To overcome this risk you will need to work hard and long hours, be awesome at what you do and stay relevant as is evident in many professions.

There is a lot of competition for good paying jobs and you may need to work hard to keep your job and support your family. It is easy to say that you want to spend more time with your family, but in order to support them you will likely need to work hard and long hours.

Finding a Balance

Everybody gets old and many people often regret the time that they spend working at the expense of their family life. Children grow old quickly and it is important to have a work life balance. It is easy to have a lot of regrets in your later years if you miss the time while they are developing and building their personalities.

Time is one thing money can’t buy and if you aren’t enjoying your life because of overworking and work related pressures than you are doing something wrong. If you aren’t spending enough time with your loved ones than you should, revisit your work commitments and see if you need to make some adjustments. Because there is always a better way.

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