Are you undervaluing yourself?

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Are you undervaluing yourself?

If you have a service or a product that you are wanting to sell, how do you put a price on it?

Do you base it on experience? Knowledge? Background? Competition?

Too often we undervalue ourselves.  We sell our selves short.  But why do we do this?  Aren’t you worth just as much as the next person, if not more?

God gave you a gift.  A talent.  Something that you are really good at.  Something that is unique to you.  Sure, others may have the same talent but there will be something about what you do that makes you stand out.  There will be something that makes you unique. 

If you haven’t already figured out what your gift is then I urge you to find out.  It will be something that you love to do, something that you are good at and something that brings joy and value to others.

Once you know what your gift is, develop it and make it your own.  Develop your style.  Develop your technique.  Evolve it into something that becomes unique to you.  Develop your brand.

Have you ever  noticed that no two singers are the same?  No two fashion designers are the same?  No two stylists are the same?  There are many with those gifts but not everyone develops their gifts and makes it their own. Be one of the ones that does.

So you know what your gift is and you have now been developing it and evolving it. How do you put a price on it?  How do you know what people will be prepared to pay for your products and services?

Well I guess the short answer is you don’t.  Market research to see what others are getting for similar products and services will give you an idea of what to charge but it won’t cement that for you.  It will depend on a few things.

Market demand – Is there a demand for your product or service?  The bigger the demand the more you can charge.

Quality of product or service – Is your product or service up to standard or does it exceed anything else out there?

Your self belief – Do you believe in your product or service?  Would you pay for what you are offering and how much would you be prepared to pay?

When we are first starting out it is hard for us to put a price tag on what we are offering.  We can feel inadequate, inexperienced, afraid of rejection.  Heck, there are lot’s of reasons why we undervalue ourselves but the bottom line is that if we don’t value ourselves then no-one else will either. 

Resist the temptation to put a low price tag on your valuable goods and services.  Price accordingly and know that someone will pay what you are asking.  There will always be people out there that won’t pay and want a bargain but that’s ok, because there will also always be someone out there that is willing to pay what you have asked.

If you value yourself first then others will also value you.  Know your service is valuable.  Know your product is valuable.  Know that you are valuable.
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