Are You Working to Live or Living to Work?

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Free yourself from the traditional 9-5 rat race and embark on a new lifestyle, that provides you with an abundance in both time and money. Do you want to be working to live or living to work?

But first, let's take a look at how the traditional 9-5 job goer utilizes their time, and why you would want to break free from this lifestyle....

If you’re an average 9-5 employee, you will be working on average of 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. That means 33% of your time will be spent at work in every day.... Weekends aside.

How much 'free time' are you left with each day to do the things you love?

Let’s say you go to bed every night at 10pm and wake up at 6am for work. That means you sleep 8 hours of your 24 hour day, which means you spend another 33% of your day essentially doing nothing.

This gives you a remaining 8 hours of ‘free time’ left each day.

Out of the 8 hours free time, how many hours are you spending commuting to and from work each day?

Obviously, there are some people who live 10 minutes down the block from work, while others travel an unsustainable two hours on the road just one way.

But most people will be somewhere in between these extremes.

So let’s say on average it takes 1 hour to and 1 hour from work each day. That is also taking into consideration time spent in traffic on a bad day, walking to public transport, waiting for public transport, delays in public transport etc.


For some, even living 10 minutes down the block will take up to 45 minutes to an hour to actually get to work. Due to time spent waiting at traffic lights, detours due to roadworks, accidents, and looking for parking.

This means that for the average person, you will technically be spending 10 hours a day ‘working’, including the ‘getting to and from work’ part. That now equates to 50 hours of work a week instead of 40, which equates to 42% of your time.

This also means that your ‘free time’ each day has reduced to 6 hours a day...

If we get really technical here, what about the time spent the night before on preparing for work, including making lunch to take to work the next day, and ironing your shirts?

What about the time it takes you to shower in the morning, brush your teeth, find something to wear, put on clothes, put on makeup, and eat breakfast, just so you can go to work?

Some people take way too long in the bathroom in the morning. But on average, lets say you take an hour the night before to prepare for work the next day, and an hour in the morning. That’s another 2 hours of your day gone just to prepare for work each day.

If we do the maths again, that’s a total of 13 hours a day working and doing work related tasks, which means you will be spending 54% of your 5 day week ‘working’. That means that around half your life is spent on living to work!

Your ‘free time’ each day has now been reduced to 4 hours a day…

Now let’s explore some of the things that the average person would be doing with this 5 hours of ‘free time’ each day…..

Grocery shopping… Some people shop every day, some shop a few times a week, some only once a week.
Cooking dinner… That’s a must each day for most people, especially if you have a family with kids.
Eating dinner…  A must if you are human…. And not on a fad starvation diet.
Feeding your children... If they are still young.
Washing the dishes… A must unless you use a dishwasher… But then you would still need to rinse the dishes, stack them in the dishwasher, take them out when they are clean, and store them back on your shelves neatly.
Showering yourself… Most people do this daily, hopefully.
Bathing your children... And putting them to bed.
For the average person, it would probably take around 2.5 hours each day to perform these essential tasks.


That means that your ‘supposed’ 5 hours of ‘free time’ wasn’t really ‘free time’ after all...

Now the technical definition of Free Time is "Time spent away from business, work, job hunting, domestic chores, and education, as well as necessary activities such as seating and sleeping.” (Wikipedia)

Ok. So then now let’s subtract the ‘necessary activities’ from your ‘time bank’, and see how many hours you have left for your actual ‘free time’…

That’s a whopping 1.5 hours of ‘free time’ remaining each day to do all the things you love… Think about all the possibilities!!😜😪

“But I’ve got a whole two-day weekend to do whatever I want!” You say…

But do you really??

For most of you, once you take out the ‘sleeping in’ time, time taken to do the laundry and cleaning the house, grocery shopping, food prepping for the week ahead, and walking the dog (which you should really be doing daily), you probably have around 50% of your weekend left for actual ‘free time’.

And that’s just for the average person….

What about you ‘above average’ people who works longer hours each day? You who take your work home with you, due to the unrealistic workloads and demands of your job. And the mountain of responsibilities that come with being a senior employee, manager, or any higher up corporate role.


Many of you won’t even have enough time of the day to do the bare essentials, let alone free time.

And what about you special ones that work over time on the weekends? Are you living to work? Do you even have a life? Do you enjoy your life? 

I’m sure some of you workaholics out there will answer ‘yes’ to this question.

But for the majority of us folks who are just trying to make ends meet… Who are just trying to hopefully provide an above average standard of living for our families… Take a moment to really ask yourself this…

Are you stuck in a cycle of Working to Live, but really find yourself just Living to Work?

Do you truly enjoy your life?

Do you even have the 'free time' to actually live the very life you’ve been working so hard to create?....
If your genuine answer is ‘No’ to the last 2 questions, then I’m here to officially tell you, that it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if I told you that there’s another way? A better way to live…

I call it the 'The 9 to 5 Freedom Lifestyle'...

It basically uses a work-from-home/anywhere online business model to free you from the time and money bound 'living to work' rat race you’re currently running in... And take you to a lifestyle of abundance in both time and money.

It’s not just a dream. An increasing amount of individuals are living this lifestyle as their daily reality.... The better reality...

And you too have the choice to choose this lifestyle as your reality. You don’t have to be 'stuck' in your current job and situation, that robs you of your previous time to truly live your ideal life.

Which lifestyle would you prefer to live for the rest of your life?

Do you want to be Living to Work, or Living to Live?

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