Going Back To Basics

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Hello Everyone,

Sorry it has been a couple of weeks since my last blog, I have been tending to a wrist injury and trying to heal it, which has also bought me to today’s topic of going back to basics.

As I had to limit use of my hand which just happened to be the one I draw with !!! I had to stop drawing for a few days, I made it for the minimal time possible as I have built up such a habit of drawing every day it just felt like I was missing something, the day did not feel complete.

The Basics

I started just be practicing lines and shading, random squiggles and circles just getting the movement back into my wrist and hand.  Almost like a mini wrist workout.  I used different types of pencil as this seems to be my go to medium and I always start anything with a pencil sketch.

After the ABC challenge I wanted to do some faces again as I did not want to lose what skills I had gained, I know that sounds odd but sometimes you can feel rusty if you have not done anything for a while. The first face I did was really good, so I tried another one.. epic fail!  I rubbed it out several times but it would not work so I left it.

      Going Back To Basics

I tried again the next day and a similar thing happened, and I know I was picking tricky faces at different angles but still I was a bit miffed. Then it occurred to me maybe I need to go back and re-visit the basics again.  Take it right back, maybe there is something fundamental that I am missing that is preventing me from moving forwards.

Practicing The Basics

This is the stage I am in again now, getting my anatomy and other drawing books out and going through them to find guides to practice with.  I am also going to try different methods of drawing faces too so see if I need to change my starting point, I used to start with an upside down egg shame then changed to the Loomis method, maybe there is another way or I might make up my own way, who knows!

Basics In Life

This going back to basics seems to have spread throughout other areas of my life to exercise and mindset, taking steps back to re-group before moving forward rather than rushing around.  It is bringing me a sense of peace when I stop judging it as a negative which is so easy to do as we always want to push forward.  Sometimes to do that you have to take some steps back.

To see my sketches for this week see my Instagram account @zoebadgerart.

Happy Sketching


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