3 steps towards being self employed

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Are you where you want to be with your career or are you just getting by? 

Many people are in jobs because of circumstances in their lives. They need to pay the bills, there are not many jobs available in their town, they dont feel qualified to do anything else, they are not confident they can get another job ..... and so and so on. 

No matter where you are, if you have an idea or a dream of things being different you need to start lettting your mind believe it can happen. Dream it, feel it, give thanks that it is coming. If you want to work for yourself you need to start beliving its possible and you need to make steps toward your goal of being self employed.

Here are 3 steps to get started:

1. Work on your mindset

What do you want to change? Ask yourself questions like-

  1. what do you want to sell, what are you good at, what would you do?
  2. what hours do you want to work?
  3. how much money do you want to make?
  4. What is stopping you doing this? 
  5. What changes can you make right now to get you a step closer? 

NOW, make one small change or do one thing to move you toward your goal.

It might be simply making a mindset change. "Anything is possible", "It is possible for me to be successful", I am grateful I always have the money to pay my bills", " I live my dream"...

2. Learning

What do you need to know that you dont know already in order for you to be able to make a change? There are organisations in your community that help people for free to get started in business, you can build a website and facebook page pretty easily these days too. Make a list of all the information you think you will need and start work on the list. Dont make so many lists that you never get started. Make small changes. 

3. Collaborate

Who could you talk to to help you get what you want? 

  • local chamber of commerce may have a business mentoring program
  • your accountant, financial advisor, your bank may have a business banking devision that helps new businesses, your local training institution may have short courses in business managment, books, friends, family.....who do you know that is successful?
  • join an online community of entrepreneurs and learn the digital marketing skills for you to start this business online while you continue in your current employment. Interested in exploring this idea ? Go to www.anywherebusinessnetwork.com 

Anything is possible if you believe it is. 

Kerri Bainbridge

One half of the Anywhere Team NZ

Collaboration, Mindset, Learning

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