Becoming an Online Business Entrepreneur and Escaping the 9 - 5!!


My name is Jane and this year I have made a promise to myself. This is the year that I am going to change my life for the better. I am going to have a vision once more and ultimately I am going to become the best version of myself possible.

The last few years have honestly been the worst of my life. I have overcome cancer, the death of my Mum and the breakdown of my second marriage. I found myself at the end of last year in a constant state of anxiety and fear - always looking over my shoulder, wondering what is going to be thrown at me next.

I walked away from the business that I had built with my second husband and eventually found myself doing work that I hated, depressed and exhausted, working long hours.

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I knew something had to change and I was the only one going to make it happen. 

So I made the decision to do something different. I started investing in my education. Learning about how I could start an online business alongside the work that I want to leave so much and become an entrepreneur. I am investing my time and money into this new online business because I really believe in it. The idea that we would still work within a traditional marketplace instead of an online marketplace with billions of potential customers just a few clicks away is now becoming more and more outdated. 

The internet is still a young media but it has completely transformed the lives of so many people on the planet. We now have access to a myriad information at our fingertips at any time we want it. By  becoming an entrepreneur and learning to work as a digital marketer in my new online business, I can harness new technologies and systems, using them to work smarter, not harder and even make money for me whilst I am asleep! 

This in turn will give me more time, allow me to escape the long working hours of the 9 to 5 and in short, create a digital lifestyle as an entrepreneur where ultimately I don't have to trade time for money any more. I'll be able to relax, travel, spend time with family and friends. I won't be anxious and afraid any more.... I'll have a life again! 


So new digital lifestyle, are you ready? Because here I come!! 

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