Build Your Own Home Based Business! (Part 2)

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Build Your Own Home Based Business - Make Money Working From The Comfort Of Your Own Home! (Part 2)

In the previous part of this blog, I was giving you a general overview and data of the entrepreneurs who work from home in America. I talked also about the first of the five key rules - Commitment. If you did not read that article yet, you can do so here.

But now, let's get going with the next key rule, wich is:

2. Eliminating the Home-Office Mentality

To move your work home, however, does not mean you eliminate every single thing about the traditional American office. Rather, we should select what is useful and what is not.

It's a mistake to quit your job and go home with a "home-office" mentality. By this, we mean thinking small and believing that you will automatically sacrifice a decent income in exchange for your freedom. Please - Do not think small!

Build Your Own Home Based Business! (Part 2)To quote Jeffrey Lant again: "Too many home-based practitioners fail to understand the benefits that accrue
because of the professional style they have selected. They focus on the "home" part of the business rather than the "business" portion, and as a result, are doomed to small incomes." Working at home provides many benefits. You can save a lot of time because you don't need to commute and you have more control over your schedule. You can save a lot of costs because we don't have the overhead requirements of larger businesses. You can cut on stress - and so have more energy -
because you avoid many of the characteristic problems of life in the as an employee. You must work these advantages to your profit.

3. Your International Headquarters

The German philosopher Immanuel Kant said that if you sit at home alone at your empty kitchen table, eventually, the "whole world will come to you."

Well, today you don't need the great mind of a philosopher to make the entire world come into your living room or actually anywhere as long you got internet or Wi-Fi connection and a device to work with.

Build Your Own Home Based Business! (Part 2)With this technology at our disposal, we should allow ourselves to "think globally." Too often, home-based businesses focus on the narrowest market, the neighborhood, the county, the city or state. This is fine if you are providing a local service and are content with a certain moderate level of income. But if you want the big bucks, you should not think small. Also, you should not believe that, just because you are home-based, you cannot compete with the big guys.

The purpose of any business is to seek to assess and seek out every possible the market for its products and services, to ascertain whether these markets have the ability to buy these products/services, to determine whether there is sufficient profit in these markets to warrant approaching them, and, once a positive assessment has been made, to launch a sustained marketing campaign that gets a significant percentage of this market to purchase the product or service in question.

As a home-based entrepreneur, you will not have all of the disadvantages of your more traditional competitors: no office rent, equipment or expense; no employees to pay salaries and fringe benefits for; no time wasted on meetings, employee problems, paid sick leave, etc.

All the money your competitors spend on heating the office and buying furniture could better be spent on the actual marketing itself.My Banner

As a home-based business, you will be already positioned where the traditional business is currently struggling to move: toward the lowest possible overhead and the greatest possible concentration of dollars on products/service development and product/service marketing.

Well, that's it for now, but I'll be updating here soon with the last part on how tho build your own home based business. Make sure not to miss it by subscribing below to get a notification, when I add a new blog post.

Wishing you inner peace, happiness, and success at the highest level

Build Your Own Home Based Business! (Part 1)Janine El Hinnawy

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