CONFIDENCE: Make the choice.

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If you are in a place of stagnation. Of feeling stuck. Are you wanting to make changes in your life but find yourself procrastinating?  Feeling that you are not ready or not good enough? Then It is time to make a choice. Time to step out of your comfort zone - because although our comfort zones are a cozy place - nothing ever grows there.

If you are in this place, and reading this, it is not a coincidence.  Begin with a small step but you need to do it now. If you wait - you may never make the changes in your life. Start by clicking on this link and watch 7 videos that will inspire you and Mentor you on how to change what you do for a living - thereby changing your life.

Start here and begin to live your inspired life.

Confidence can be described as the willingness to try. 

Willingness, however, is not enough - it must be backed up by action. It requires that you actually DO something.  The good news here is that confidence is something over which you have control. You can grow it.

Lack of confidence has an antidote - ACTION.

The myths around confidence are that it is inherent in some, but not everyone.  Not true. Confidence is a fixed and constant state. Also not true - your confidence grows and diminishes dependant upon many factors. When it diminishes - that's when you choose to change it. I have also heard people say that extroverts are naturally confident. Nope. They are better at faking it until it becomes their new reality. The expression: Fake it till you make it rings true. The only way to know this for sure -  is to try it for yourself.

The desire to change is simply not enough. Desire is not an action.

Self-doubt is a crippling obstacle. Listen to Mel Robbins' teaching on self-doubt and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.

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