Correcting a blurring vision.

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For the past few months, I've noticed my vision was not as sharp, so I got my eyes tested.  As I thought, my blurry vision could be corrected. It as simple as purchasing and wearing glasses.  I now wear glasses for reading and also for driving. 


Correcting a blurry vision

What about our personal lives, the vision we have for our future. Is that blurry too?  Do you know where you are heading, can you see your direction?  

I was very good at seeing my direction but over the past few years, I allowed my vision to become blurred. I stopped focussing... but now I'm correcting a blurry vision. I have refocussed on my goals and I'm not aiming for what someone else had set for me. 

The three steps I have used to refocus on my vision have been;

1. Define the vision - this normally aligns with your values.  Ask yourself questions like;

  1. What do I want to do with my life?
  2. What am I inspired to?
  3. What do I love to do, what am I passionate about? - When your passionate your so happy, that you may forget to sleep or eat.

Allow yourself time to think and write freely about your future life. 

As I wrote my vision I linked it to my legacy and what I'd like my eulogy to say. What would I like to be known for as a wife, mother, sister, friend? What impact did I have on society, my community? How did the world see me?

2. Using the information you wrote in step one, write a statement about your vision as if you have already obtained it. Read this statement daily. 

3. Create a blueprint and take action on working towards your vision. If you were a business you'd create a strategic plan on how to get from A to B.  Your blueprint is your guide that steps you towards your vision, one action at a time. 


Sight is the ability to see things as they are; vision is the capacity to see things as they could be.

If you need guidance on creating your vision connect with me on one of the links below. 

Have a great day. 


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