Define you limits. Are you underestimating your potential?

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The brain is so incredible in a way that, if you can manage what goes on in there then you would be amazed at what would happen to your life. It is a scary thought to think about when you are told you have no limits. You decide what you want to do and then bring it to pass.

I know for a fact when I learned that this was possible it changed the way I thought in an epic way. I felt so responsible for my life that it was so frustrating. I was happily living well-blaming circumstances, emotions, parents, and others. 

That day came when it hit me in the face, I was reading about forgiving oneself. I had come to a point in my life when I was tired of what I was seeing so I decided to find a way out. 

One of my friends had a book they were not reading. It was on their bed if I remember well. It was titled how to forgive yourself. The title resonated with the state I was in at that time. I had failed miserably in class and I was losing hope and confidence. I remember the feeling of waking up and labelling myself a failure. I used to have panic attacks when I sat in for examinations.

One day there was a math examination we were going to have early in the morning. I prepared as much as I could for it but also in my mind I had already labeled myself a failure. When the time came I entered the room and sat. The examination papers were distributed. I wrote my name while shaking. When they said to start, I tried to write but nothing was happening. I did not write that much in the paper because I had already seen my result ahead of time. An F

Why Am I telling you these things?

I just need you to understand one thing. You can be a prisoner of yourself. I am now totally a different person. I am very confident. To the extent that people don't believe this story. You wouldn't believe this story if you knew me. I am different. So what happened.

Let's get back to the book. What was in that book? And the answer is redemption.

The person in the book made a good case of the potential of my brain. They explained it so well but the highlight of the book was this.

'If you don't admit to yourself today that where you are is as a result of the choices you have made and it is all your fault you will not change"

If you ask me, this was the hardest statement for me to admit. It brought tears to my eyes. How could it be? So this person was asking me to admit that I allowed myself to be afraid and failed? I agreed to that? Why? Because the power was in my hands whether to listen to my negative thoughts or not. I finally admitted it and here I am writing this today. Now I know when a thought comes I have the authority to banish it out of my head forever!

How is this related to you?

One good man said, "you can't rise above your thoughts". 

If you see yourself as small then you are small, period. If you say you have hit your limit no one can argue with you and you are right indeed. However, the way you define your limits and potential will determine the altitude on which you reach in life.

Here are some concluding thoughts to help you think through this process.

  1. Am I doing whatever it takes to meet my goals? Be honest with yourself and such a question will transform your life.
  2. Am I learning and getting better towards my goals?
  3. What can I do today better than I did yesterday towards my vision?
  4. Am I hitting my potential? Your potential is what you have not done and are yet to do if you have written 12 articles that is no longer your potential but 20 articles are. The enemy of potential is your last success. So what is your potential?

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