Don’t Allow People to Drag you Down

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You’ve just had an amazing idea inspired by something you’ve just seen and you go to tell your mum and dad, your brother, sister, close friends or even your dog about it. What do they tend to say??

"That won’t work." "Why do you want to do that? Have you gone crazy?" Maybe even an unconvincing "Ahhh sounds good!" Or.... if its your dog you've told, you probably just get a blank stare or maybe even a woof if youre lucky.

Any of them sound familiar?

I know they do to us. It’s funny how the people closest to you are often the ones that will bring you down and make you question what seconds ago you were so passionate about. Most of the time they don’t even realise they are doing it. It comes naturally as most people don’t want to lose you as sub consciously they are worried you will have less time for them. How do we know all of this? Quite simply through reading and listening to successful people about mind set and surrounding yourself with the right people.

Okay let’s get this straight we aren’t telling you to get rid of Bob or Wendy who have been your best friends all your life. And we are not telling you to get rid of your parents and family. However, what we are suggesting is to start surrounding yourself with people who are going to lift you up. Look at the 5 people closest to you. Are these the sort of people that will inspire you to strive for your next business goal or are they the sort of people that will question as to why you are doing that.

It took us both a while to realise that we needed to surround ourselves with a more positive atmosphere this for us through friends is hard as we have friends we have grew up with. So, we decided to start reading more self-development books and listening to YouTube videos from successful leaders. One of my favourite ones that always inspires me (Tom) is below. 

Why is it important that we don’t let people drag us down?

If you have a dream you are passionate about such as running your own business it can be hard to stay mentally strong all the time. We all have doubts even the most successful people will tell you that they have doubted themselves at times. However, they used the motivation from people saying they can’t do it to keep going. How do you react to someone dragging you down though? Do you have that strong mental attitude to say you know what F**K what you have to say I’m going to do this! If you are one of them people great! But most people actually start to agree with what people are saying and actually give up on their dreams because of it that why there are only 3% of people who are successful when starting up their own business. It’s not because their ideas s**t or their product is no good it’s all because they allowed someone else to make them no longer believe in themselves. Just imagine where the world would be if everyone was like that. So, stop listening to people saying you can’t do it and start showing them you can it’s all to do with the mind. Master your mind and you can have anything you want.


5 Ways of Mastering your Mind

READ, READ, READ- We cannot stress how important it is to pick up a book and start reading. We aren’t talking fairy tales we are talking self-development books from the likes of Jeff Olson.

UNPLUG AND RECHARGE- Sometimes you need to allow yourself some time to chill out. Go on a run go the pub for a pint with your friends. Allowing yourself time to relax means you can come back recharged and ready to go.

LET YOUR MIND WANDER- Remember when you were a kid you used to day dream all the time? Well why have you stopped that now! It’s good to allow yourself time for your mind to just wander.

BUILD DAILY RITUALS-  Start getting daily rituals going things that you will do every day. This will help you to stick to daily routines.

MEDITATE- Meditation is a great way to relax the mind and is a must to help to destress the body and stay relaxed.

So, you know how to do it the next step is for you to actually start to take action. Until you start to put the processes into place you won’t see much change. We could tell you the ways to sharpen your mind and act all day long but it’s down to you to make it happen. We hope this has helped you regain that inspiration you needed to take your business to the next level.

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Until next time... keep hustlin!

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