Don't Be Taken For A Ride


Dont Be Taken For A Ride 

Don't Be Taken For A Ride

In today's post, I am going to touch on the dreaded subject of scams. I don't really like talking about them, but I thought that it might be good just to talk a little about it, especially for anyone who is new to the online business world and who may just be at this moment thinking about starting down a path that just might cost them more than they bargained for. Let me just start by saying again don't be taken for a ride, don't let yourself be fooled by anyone, there is no quick fix buttons, download buttons or magic buttons out there for making money online in any new business period. Starting an online business takes time, education, the ability to be thought, dedication, motivation, confidence, hard work, perseverance, consistency, failure, and that's just to name few. If something sounds too good to be true then it most likely is too good to be true. We all have that little voice inside that will tell us if something doesn't seem or feel or sound right. Most time we choose to ignore it but there are times when we listen and those are the times we are grateful that little voice is there.

Don't Be Taken For A Ride

 Starting an online business is scary and stressful enough without wondering if you have been taken for a fool because nothing can shake your confidence in yourself or your ability quicker than this. some people won't ever admit that this has happened to them but that's nothing to be ashamed of, it happens more than you would think.  I have no problem admitting it, it happened to me. I lost thousands in something I thought was a fantastic idea, turned out it was a fantastic idea, the only problem was, it wasn't a fantastic idea for me, it was a fantastic idea for the guy on the other end. As a result of this, my confidence in myself and my confidence in my ability to make good choices was shaken to its very core, but I got over it, picked myself back up, learned from my very hard and expensive mistake and moved on. 

Dont Be Taken For A Ride  Don't be taken for a ride. There are so many fantastic opportunities out there on the internet that are being overshadowed by these so called business opportunities that will offer you the sun  moon and stars, they will tell you things like we can make you a millionaire in just one month or work 4 hours a week and still make thousands by the end of your first week, know you and I both know that's not possible, unless you are a lottery winner or a really really good gambler or you have just inherited someone else's money, nobody can generate that kind of money in a new business that fast. Every business has to go through the long days hard work and painful experiences before it becomes a success and anyone who tells you otherwise it full of shit, a good business takes at least a year to get really going and then could take another 2,3,4 or even 5 years to make it big that's just fact and I am sorry to burst your bubble if you thought otherwise.

Thank you and We hope you enjoyed reading and you learned a little from what we have written about not letting other people take you for a ride, if you would like to learn more about starting or running your own online business do not hesitate to get in contact with us or click here to learn more and enjoy your journey.

Best Wishes

Sandra & Maura Doyle

Don't be taken for a ride

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