Do You Dream About Adventures?

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Where will your itchy feet take you?


When I get itchy feet (and this happens a lot) I get drawn to a particular section of my bookshelf where I keep maps, books on walking, wild swimming, camping and cycling routes.  This is the stuff I get excited about.  

Map Poring

Half of these books I haven't even finished, but I dip into them - they are inspiration for my thirst for travel.  Occasionally I'll get a map out and pore over it, thinking about where to go next, which landscape am I drawn to.  I think about getting in my camper and just heading off, traveling through these places I have only ever seen on a map.

Go Remote For Wild Camping

In an ideal world it would be possible to park up anywhere, but in Britain we don't have the right to wild camp wherever we would like, we are a tiny island.  This is the advantage of traveling a larger country like America or Australia.  Though if you were sneaky, there are remote parts of the British Isles where if you parked up overnight no-one would know you were there.

In my traveling daydream, I have upgraded my mini-camper to a T5 which is much roomier.  Don't get me wrong, I love my little home on wheels, it suits me just fine for the odd weekend away and I live in the city where it is easy to park.  But in the not too distant future I plan on traveling much more and for that l will need a larger vehicle.

The Plan...


My carefully stashed away travel idea is to do various bits of voluntary work along the way, like for TCV (Trust for Conservation Volunteers), RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) and possibly help out at a couple of Buddhist centres too, to stop a while and get some peace and calm while giving something back.

This adventure will evolve as I follow my nose but it is likely to involve lots of walking.  Walking is medicine for me, I feel at one with nature which feeds my soul.  I aim to occasionally check in at home, catch up with friends and family, and then I will go off again to some other part of the country I've not yet visited.  

undefinedThe Business

I am creating this life for myself through my business and the plan is to take my work with me while I travel.  This is all being made possible with the training that I am doing in my spare time. This dream of mine is important and so I am putting in the hours whenever I can, that means evenings and weekends which is tough sometimes but I'm super focused on my goal which is pushing me forward.

Thankfully I'm not doing this alone.  Yes, I am doing it for myself, but not by myself.  I have support that is helping me along every step of the way by way of an incredible community of like-minded people and fantastic coaches.

I'm learning valuable skills from how to run a business productively to marketing products and services online that I wholeheartedly approve of.  In the process, I am learning more about myself than I ever thought possible and I wasn't expecting that.  This is a journey not only of learning the digital skills that I need so that I can work wherever I like, but it is also one of self-discovery.  And you can't put a price on that.

What with me being a bit of a technophobe n'all, this has been an interesting ride but I'm learning new stuff every day, making progress in more ways than I expected and growing as a person.  Financially I have invested significantly, but what I am getting back is priceless.

It takes courage to follow your dreams, but with the right support behind you, you can achieve anything you desire. If you want to make some serious changes to your life then take a look at the free Video Series and see how it can help you.

Where will your itchy feet take you? 

I'd love to know where you want to go on your travels!  Feel free to drop me a comment below.  And just in case you missed my latest blog you can catch it here.

Til next time, go well!

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