Enter Through the Narrow Gate

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I have spent a lifetime encouraging people who felt that they had a story in them that they simply must write but had no idea where to start. I told them: Don't follow the crowd for you will surely be led in the wrong direction; take the time to learn who you really are, then be faithful to yourself; say what you want, but be mindful not to intentionally hurt others, and, above all, be an original for there is no other exactly like you in the world. 

Whether we write for self-definition, self-discovery, making sense of the chaos in our lives, for emotional release, to help define a renewed sense of direction, to deal with loss and grief, or to leave a legacy to our family, our story needs to be told.

In 2015 after three decades of guiding students to fulfil their dreams I took a detour from my career path to follow my own lifelong dream. I attended university to study the human mind. In 2018 I graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology).

After completing my degree course online, I became addicted to online applications. What a buzz! I could do so much from my keyboard. I became so used to it and hooked on it that I couldn't imagine life without connecting with the world through webinars, blogs and the like.

There was only one pathway now for me and that was to reinvent myself and evolve into an online business where I could create the lifestyle of my choice which included enjoying more free time with my family. I went in search for the right person to teach me all I would ever need to know about being an online entrepreneur. (I’ll tell you all about that in my blogposts).

So here I am! This CHANGE of life enables me to take advantage of opportunities while asking 'What can I contribute or share in the world? I am loving it!

There’s no doubt about it, we are certainly living in exciting times with no borders preventing us reaching people on a global scale. So be encouraged no matter where you are in the world and whether you are in business, or not. Many are thinking about how they could turn their talents, skills and giftings into an international online business.

Perhaps you are in paid employment but are busting to do something for yourself. Others choose to remain at home during their children's formative years, what a perfect opportunity to work from a home office learning how to build that online lifestyle business.

The benefits of the online pathway are seriously massive; today it’s the way of the world.

Due to this evolutionary process humankind is searching for new ways to transform their lives thus doing away with old ideas that no longer serve us. I am enjoying sharing my thoughts with you on a wide variety of human endeavours, my passion for human development, and the art of change by choice.

I leave you with this little gem regarding the law of attraction: We are but magnets and we will draw to ourselves whatever it is we put out. Negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive.

Consistently yours,

Paulette G

(Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. Matt 7:13)

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