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Virgin coconut oil,Virgin coconut oil,Virgin coconut oil,Virgin coconut oil

Have you ever used VCO at home, in your cooking or daily life
I find it one of the most used things in our house, we use it daily in so many ways, as its good for so much. 
Infact we use it so much that we now make our own.

Now I’m not suggesting for one minute you all race out there and start up a VCO business but I thought you might  like to know more about how its all made and what you can use this amazing product for.

I first found out about VCO back in 2012 and fell in love with it instantly
One product a hundred uses
So lets start by talking about what I use VCO for .. .

VCO beauty uses

My favourite is use is in my beauty routine were VCO is used daily
My daily face moisturiser is organic VCO in a small container and I mix in 5 drops of frankincense 2 drops of lavender 2 drops of lemongrass . I use this day and night .


For my body scrub... I mix VCO with coffee grinds so simple but so effective

For my hair... once a week I use put the VCO straight onto my hair as a hair mask sometimes I add essential oils . if my hair is in need of a extra fix ill infuse the oil first with rosemary & thyme. My mask I will leave on anything from an hour to over night . it leave my hair soft and shiny and full of life also encouraging growth . after you have masked your hair wash as normal

Makeup remover. . . that’s super easy I mix VCO with some hot water and a few drops of glycerine fill a glass jar with cotton wool face pads and pour the mix over the pads

Face scrub . . . simple but o so affective mix 3parts VCO 1 part baking soda, put onto face in circular motions and wash off with warm water, your skin will glow

I even make VCO soap but ill do a complete story just on soap making

now thats me looking good lets look at the home 

VCO in the home

I use VCO on all wood surfaces as it feeds the wood as well as clean and shine

Squeaky doors ect just rub on a bit of VCO it will work like magic

VCO and cooking 

well i use it in every thing as i love that coconut flavor 

So for cake making I use VCO instead of butter

For stir-fry instant Asia flavour

Plus VCO has a higher burning point so doesn’t go rancid s quick and has the good radicals for health and well being

Making VCO


Its totally a hands on job from start t finish
Stage one is to get grated fresh coconut meat to make coconut milk. 
So to make the coconut milk you need to add the grated coconut meat and water stir , rest , stir
Over a half hour ish time frame
Next stage two is to separate the milk from the meat . when we first started we did this by hand, a long and slow job, but my cleaver husband has invented a hand press to get the separation done faster & more efficient


Now is the tricky stage three we have to whip the coconut milk up and this is where mistakes can happen as if you over whip the milk/ cream can spilt wrong . if you under whip you wont get the cream to separate from the oil . so after you have whipped you now leave the mix to sit and wait for the split to happen

Presuming the split worked after 2 to 3 hrs the oil milk and coconut water split into three parts

this is stage 4
Actually almost 4 as you get a crust form on top (that crust is great for making soap )
So we scoop the top crunchy layer off

The second layer is the left over milk and the next layer is what we are after that’s were the oil has formed so we have to drain the under layer from the milk layer, minding not to get the water that’s sat on the very bottom
Now we have the successful separation we now filter the oil three times to get out all impurities
Then dada you have pour VC


Now I can hear you all saying that sounds lovely if only I had the time?

The trick here is find a way to make the time,

Find a way to spend time doing what you love with who you love.

Weather that be cleaning beaches of the world with you partner, or making VCO together,

If you would like to find out how I did this . . . just press the link below & you will meet my mentors who taught me how to turn my life into lifestyle  

thanks for reading my blog today. i'll be back with more soon, with one of my eco travel stories 


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