Family or Job?

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Family or Job?

I know that you can find it hard to find harmony between your job and your family. Sometimes you even have to choose between family or job, and every time you choose job you regret. I know that feeling and I had it as well.


Trust me, it is better to light a candle than to live in the darkness whole life.


I would like to tell you a story from which you will learn something incredible about the SFM.




One young woman had everything: wonderful husband, ideal children, great job and nice relatives. But she could not give enough time to them and show support from her side. Job, home stuff took too much time, and she never had time for anything else.

If the job took too much time, she spent less time with her children. If she had any other problems, she left her husband with no attention. So all the relatives whom she loved were left with no attention or she left them for “tomorrow”. Once, father of this young woman, very smart and intelligent, brought her a gift. The gift was a very unique and an expensive flower. He said, “My lovely daughter, this flower will help you more than you think. You will just have to give it some care and talk to it, and the flower will give you its aroma and its beautiful look.”

The young woman was very touched with the gift. The flower was very unique, very beautiful, she never saw anything similar to it.

The time went and the problems were stalking her, the job took all her time, her life was getting very confused and she did not have enough time for her flower. Young woman came home, tiredly looked at the flower – the flower was growing and had a great aroma, and its look was getting more beautiful and beautiful – but she just started to care less about it, and the flower was left by itself.

In some time, the flower died. The woman came home, and looked at the flower and got scared: the flower was dead, its leaves were yellow and flower just fell down.

Young woman cried a lot, and later told this to her dad. Her father said, “I was scared that it will end this way, but I cannot give you another flower because it was only one existing flower in the world. The flower is unique like your children, your husband and your family. This is the blessing that life gave you. You have to learn to care and protect your happiness – you have to care; you have to give your time because feelings also die. You got used to seeing the flower always with you, always shining, always beautiful and giving its unbelievable aroma, but you forgot that you have to care about it. Care and show love to those who you love!”


You should have taken away something from this short story. I know that sometimes the rhythm of the city or your job just takes away your time. If you have children or if you have a wife or a girlfriend, if you have a family, you should take care of them and never forget about them because one day they might just lose the feelings and it will all be gone.


What helps me to always keep up with my family and my loved ones is the job that I have now. The Six Figure Mentors is something incredible and I am being honest, I spend unbelievable amount of time with my family and my girlfriend. The Six Figure Mentors is not just a business where you will earn money and make your dream a reality, but it is a place where you find real values, you start to truly appreciate things, you have all the time you need. You just become a better person for yourself and most importantly for your family and loved ones. It is not just an opportunity to earn high commissions up to $8000 per sale but it is an opportunity to stay connected to your family, spend more time with your loved ones and enjoy life TOGETHER!


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