Fear is Not Real It Is a Product Of Our Imagination

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Fear is Not Real It Is a Product Of Our Imagination

"Don't be afraid. You needn't slay the beast or scale the entire mountain. That's not how it's done. You only need to move through today.

Think of the distance you've already covered. Focus on your strengths. Let each new step remind you of your freedom. Let your every breath remind you of your power. Seek out friends and guides; they're anxious to help.

You're not alone. You're understood. This road has been walked before. Dance life's dance, just a few steps at a time, and in the wink of an eye you will wonder to yourself, "What beast, what mountain? Was I having a dream?"

Love you,

The Universe"

Fear is Not Real It Is a Product Of Our Imagination

It has been told by many, especially by inspirational speakers, that there is nothing good into looking to the past or focus too much on it. What happened yesterday has already happened and nothing you can do to change that. Look forward and everything should go as planned. However, this statement can be somewhat contradictory to what I am about to say. How can you measure your accomplishment if you do not look into the past and see where you started from? How can you determine your level of success today as to where you were yesterday, or 6 months ago? How can you move forward in life without a clear path into your future? As an entrepreneur, before you start any business, you need to create yourself a business plan right? You write down the key elements to create yourself a path on how you want to build your business. You write about your strength, your weaknesses, opportunities and threats and add some marketing plan into it as well. Now, 6 months into the future, you read back your business plan to see if you are on the right track or if something needs to be changed because of unforeseen situations that occurred. Isn't that looking into the path to direct you into the future? Aren't you focusing on something that was already done to provide you with ideas on a distant future that hasn't happened yet?

The same goes with the stock market. Investors and brokers look into historical data to predict the future outcome of a specific stock. They look into a past that has happened to create a slim possibility of how the future of this stock can behave. So let me ask you, which is right? Looking into the past to predict the future or forgetting the past and create your own future? The choice is yours. Do whatever you need to do to direct yourself a clear path into your future. Let's face it, it is yours and no one else right? Personally, I like to see where I am headed by looking on how it all started a few years back. That allows me to stay motivated and to move forward NO MATTER what.

Fear is Not Real It Is a Product Of Our Imagination

-Cheers to your success, peace, love and joy- Freedom Lyfestyles
You can not conquer the world you can only conquer your own limitations.
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