Get your ideal life in 90 days

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Your ideal life is what you want it to be like. Everyone is special and unique. Try to think about what you want from life. How you can live your life to its highest potential. Then write down the steps you need to achieve your goals. Start by thinking of your ideal day, then your ideal week and then what your life should look like in 90 days. 

I am going to share with you my perspective regarding my ideal life:

My ideal day 
My ideal day starts with a smooth wake up, no alarm ringing, no snoozes required, snooze is not helping anyway, I wonder why we do it...  
After I wake up, I meditate for half an hour to fill my body with positive energy and increase the flow of motivational ideas and creativity.  
After meditation I get a refreshing shower, then I eat a big healthy breakfast including fruits, honey, and nuts. I dress up and work for few hours, 3 maximum with no interruptions. You would be wondering why I dress up since I work from home. Well for me being at home with my pajamas on is not something that pushes me to work. It drives me toward my bed instead. So putting on my work clothes helps me diving in work ocean like a pro. After that, I eat lunch with friends and family.  
In the afternoon I hit the gym for one hour of training (cardio, swimming...). 
And in the evening I listen to music and play some piano. 
My ideal week: 
For me, an ideal week is a week that doesn't start necessarily with a bad mood Monday. Monday should be like any other day. 
Each day I accomplish at least 3 to 4 hours of healthy and creative work.  
Every week I read a book or at least half a book, about personal growth, digital entrepreneurial and online business. 
My ideal week should allow me to do some workout (cardio, swimming, running) at least 4 times, and meet up with friends to spend good moments with them.
My ideal life in 90­days from today :
From today 10-Dec-2017 and in 3 months or 90 days I would like to accomplish the following: 
-Have a successful online business up and running in parallel to my full-time job 
-Work more on my online business and work part-time on my current job 
-Start gaining more money online
-Start to eat healthy food, drink more water, and do more exercises 
-Meet up with new friends and like-minded entrepreneurs...

What about you? 

Isn't a good idea to start living this ideal life from now? If you don't know how don't worry there is a great community of like-minded people who are committed to helping each other on this amazing journey. Go ahead and like my facebook page to receive all the news.



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