Understanding the language of social media

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The language of social media can be very confusing. When do you put a #hash tag and what do they mean? You may be wondering how you can ever get to grips with it. You simply need to invest time in yourself learning about it or you will just be spinning your wheels and spending time on in effective social media posts.

It wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t know anything about online marketing. In a very short space of time we now know a lot and are successfully using online marketing tool to market our businesses. Now we are asked all the time about “how do you do it?”. There are a whole generation of kids in their teens right now who wont need to ask for our help. They already know more than us. But there are many like us who didn’t have a clue where to start. Here is a summary of some of the languages of social media:

Facebook- Man, I love pizza.

Twitter- I am eating a #pizza

Youtube- How to make pizza

LinkedIn- Pizza eating is one of my many skills

Pinterest- My favourite pizza recipe

Instagram-#out for #pizza #lunchtime #restaurant #image #filter

Google+- I work at Google and love pizza

Follow us on social media to see examples. If you need help, check out the Digital Kickstart page on our website to buy some time with us to show you how its done.

Kerri Bainbridge

Anywhere Team NZ

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