Go Full Speed And Think Big

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Take The Front Seat And Live Large

We find it difficult to think big. Some may wake up one day and say after the're done with education, they want to get a ‘decent job’. Now, emphasis is on the ‘decent job.’ That is their big plan for their life. Another may say before they clock thirty years, they want to have millions in their account, with this in mind, they plan towards it, and that is exactly what happens. The reason why most seem to be struggling with finding success is because they do not think big. If one has a plan in life to have a decent job, then you cannot expect anything greater than that to happen.

"Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars" Les Brown

Thinking big is the first step of living a successful life. Those that do not think big give themselves a hopeless case. If you want to be a runner, then you need to set more than a 100m daily as your finished line. If by training to run 200m then you will make it and flow easily for the first 100m. There are other steps to becoming successful such as working passionately, working smart amongst others but nothing will help you if your finished line is set as 100 meters.

Value yourself and believe in yourself

Okay, I understand that this may sound clichés, but we tend to begin our statement with ‘I can’t.’ Hence we find it difficult to even think of the possibility of being able to do something. Believing we do not deserve some good things, so twe cannot even think of it happening to us. Some may think they are too much of a failure to be around successful people. I want to say, if you appreciate yourself, those around you will feel your vibe and be drawn to you.

If you have a big company, would you employ anyone to the top position who does not have full confident or believe in themself ? The way you tag yourself is how others will tag you. No one will believe in you or value you if you do not believe or value yourself.

No More Excuses

Many drag their lives giving excuses upon excuses. Those who do, most often end up feeling sorry for themselves. Don’t be that person. Even if every person around you is discouraging you, you need to encourage yourself and break the barrier. Start thinking big, fix a belief in your mind of your capbabiltiy. If you believe in yourself, all who come in contact with you will believe in you.

Finally, do not make excuses. There are other people with more responsibilities or more problems, but still find a way to make it. So, put all those problems aside and go for what you want. Fight for you are worthy and start living a better life.

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