Look in the mirror

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Look in the mirror, contemplating and comparing your life today with your life 10 years ago. And be honest with yourself! Look into your heart and determine if your life today matches your desires and expectations you had 10 years ago.

Let me help you....


Take a look at your life, where you were 10 years ago? Ask yourself the questions I asked myself:

  • How much money did I make?
  • What house was I living in?
  • Was I happy back then?
  • How much time did my work and commuting take?
  • How much time did I spend with my family?
  • Was I happy with my friends?

After answering them, I looked at my life now en if it had changed a lot in a positive way since then.

It did not really. And if it did not change the last 10 years why would I think it would get much better in the next 10 years by itself?  I guess it wouldn't if I didn't take action instead of keep on doing what I do now?  I know the answers kept me awake for quite some nights.


But during the first months of 2017, I slowly got a sort of clarity in my mind that I had to take action and find a way to change things and create a better life for me and my family. I realized I had to act!

And I have seen the light! I decided to take control.

Let me tell you that right now my life has already totally changed big time since my wife and I started our own online business! I am working hard building it but now I work for myself and to realize my own goals. I can work when I want and where I want, from home or anywhere else.

Feet on the ground

Of course, I don't mean you should quit your job tomorrow. It's a process you must go through. I myself am in the middle of that process right now and I am sharing my story to motivate and encourage others to take action also.  So, I understand the job is important. It provides us with security, stability. It pays the rent and feeds us. It pays for the study and sports club of our kids, etcetera. I understand it completely because I am just like you and at this point still on my job as well. But it's different than before.

Why? Because I realize I'm in a transition phase that is only temporary. The future is where my focus is. I have a strong vision of where I'm going; my future is a digital lifestyle, a laptop lifestyle, call it what you want. My online business allows me to combine work and traveling and enjoying life in every possible way.

This journey really began around the end of April 2017 and in a short period of time, I was able to create a totally different mindset for myself. I'm more relaxed than I ever was. I still have my job which I do with pleasure now. Because, next to my job I know I'm building a different life, a different lifestyle.

No Money Button


With the right education and set of skills, it is really possible to do it. And I found just what I needed. A great education, lots of great tools, a good business model, a warm global community, it's full of opportunities to change my life. It's all there but it's me that has to do the work. There is no 'Money Button' that you can hit and then sit back and wait until it will all comes to you. It takes an effort to build a business but it is so rewarding. Even quite new entrepreneurs like my wife and me are already able to support others. That will only increase and give a great feeling of fulfillment.

Next time I will tell you more about how I am building my own online business.

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