Happy Hens

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Happy Hens

Hi, I'm Anne and I'd love to introduce you to my hens.  Some of them started life in an incubator, others were hatched by my broody hens.


They enjoy free ranging either in my back garden or in the large gardens at the primary school where I work, helping children who have extra needs.

Watching children run with the hens, feeding them, rounding them up at the end of the play session is immensely rewarding - both for myself and the children.  In fact, serving my local community in a variety of ways is always very satisifying although it doesn't provide the material abundance that we all need.

Recently I stumbled across a you tube video where I discovered a business that I could run from home or in fact from anywhere in the world provided you have a laptop and an internet connection.  This has meant that I have the freedom to chose when and where I can supplement my income while carrying on with the lifestyle that I already enjoy.

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