Have You Chosen Your Path Yet? (Some Hard Truth's To Swallow)

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Have you taken the time to look at which online business you’re going to start?
I’m sure you’ve taken at least a brief look at the different models out there, I mean, you’re on my list, and I’m forever going on about the different options available out there.
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If you ask your typical Internet marketing guru, they’ll tell you that their business system is the tits. Or maybe they’ll tell you to start a drop shipping biz, or maybe an amazon biz, or hell, maybe they’ll tell you the money’s in affiliate marketing, and that’s the place to put all your focus and money.
The truth is, they ALL are.
They’re all proven business models and there are people out there making a fucking killing in them. I know one chap who’s broken the 100k a year mark providing copywriting services, exclusively on the freelancing site Upwork.
Not my cup of tea because of the low-balling pus bags on there trying to get the whole world for a dime. But this guy’s found his model, he’s had some success with it, and he’s doubled down on it. I believe he’s even selling a course showing other people how to do it.
The good students of online business are the ones who pick a solid business model, intimately know their audience (down to the brand of toothpaste they use), and create an actionable marketing plan and follow through with it.
But… and I mean a big fucking but…
Even if you do all that, there’s no guarantee or certainty that it’s gonna pan out.
The BEST students, however, are the ones who’re willing to let go of the WRONG idea sooner rather than later. If it doesn’t work, move on to the next – and the next – and the next. Until they find one that gets some traction.
I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had someone whinge that they tried something, followed all the advice they were given, and failed to get even one sale after months of effort.
And let’s be real, that happens, a LOT.
Unfortunately, people want me to show them the exact way to skin a cat, so to speak. They want the exact business building steps, and they expect them to work right away without any setbacks.
It ain’t ever gonna happen bubba.
Sometime’s people then get tunnel vision, maybe they invest a lot of time and money into something and continue wasting that time and money for months, or even years to come.
The success stories come from those who understand the “sunk cost fallacy”, 
The Truth: Your decisions are tainted by the emotional investments you accumulate, and the more you invest in something the harder it becomes to abandon it.
That’s a cold hard fact.
Those successful online business owners know when to pull the plug, and they know there are always more opportunity out there, it’s just a case of finding it.
They’re patient.
They’re persistent.
They keep on like a terrier with a bone because they know that many business ideas fail first time, but often success is only a few tweaks away.
It’s like mining for gold.
You ain’t necessarily gonna strike gold on your first dig, hell you might be digging for weeks and months with absolutely nothing to show for it.
But then one day you hit a vein of gold worth a fuckton of money. Boom, you’re killing it. Sadly, and very perniciously so, people work their arse off and stop one strike before they hit that gold.
They might be one ax swing away from that shiny yellow stuff, but they give up and go away to sulk.
So yes, do your homework, get a plan and follow through.
Yes, get a mentor.
Yes, promote great products that help people, whether they’re your own or someone else’s.
But please, be prepared to try and try again, until you hit that elusive vein of success.
Talk soon,
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