What should I do when I feel hopeless?

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What should I do when I feel hopeless? What should I do when I can't see anything good happening to me in the future? 

Hopelessness is powerlessness. The reason why you feel hopeless is that you currently believe that what you desire can never be yours. This desire can be anything physical like a fancy car to an emotion like freedom and relief.

So what do we do when we feel hopeless? Like nothing will ever work out no matter what we do?

If you are feeling that way, I want you to stop focusing on whatever you are wanting. Don't even try to think positive thoughts about it because you are currently vibrating at a frequency too low for you to imagine this particular thing that you desire.

You might think the key is to try and think positive thoughts about what you want, but the real key here is to release your resistance towards the very thing that you want. That resistance is BLOCKING your desire from coming to you.

Here's some good news. The fact that you feel any type of resistance (hopelessness) is because your desired reality already exists for you and the universe is just waiting for you to bring it into your reality.

If it didn't exist for YOU, you wouldn't feel any resistance towards that very thing that you want.

Here's what to do when you are feeling hopeless.

1) Pick out something in your life that is going well for you and focus on that.


Focus on the joy in that very thing. The goal here is to shift your vibration, which is ALL you need to do in order to have what you desire. Do you have a cute dog? A best friend? A good job?

Figure out why you want what you want. If it's more money, you actually desire the freedom that lifestyle will bring. Find something in your life that already offers freedom and focus on it. It can be something as small as a lunch break. Just sink into the feeling of being free for those 20 or so minutes. When you do this, you are vibrating the frequency of freedom and attracting more freedom to your life. That will come in the form of money or even just more time to yourself!

2) Go outside and observe the abundance of everything in nature.


The definition of the universe is abundance. There are endless blades of grass, endless leaves on the trees and an endless sky. Guess what? You are a part of the universe. If you exist, you are a part of the universe. That means that abundance is your divine right. If you believe in a lack, the universe provides for you an abundance of lack. Aren't you tired of focusing on lack only to create more of it? When will you finally realize how this universe works? Focus on an abundance of freedom, love, appreciation and all good things you want if your life, and you will get just that.

3) Meditate


When you meditate you stop thoughts. When you stop thoughts, you stop negative thoughts. When you stop negative thoughts, you release resistance and allow your desires to effortlessly manifest like it was supposed to until you started to resist it. Trust the process. You are meant to be reveling in your desires, not suffering the lack of it. Just try meditating 10-20 minutes every day...you'll thank yourself later.

4) Take a nap.


This will provide the same benefits as meditation. It will stop the momentum of your negative thoughts.

The path of least resistance is always available for you to take. It is always being shown to you, however, you might not realize it because your vibrational frequency is too low. Once you neutralize your frequency or even shift it towards the positive (by following the above tips) you will start to notice the path of least resistance effortlessly. You will realize that it has been under your feet the whole time. The path of least resistance will take you to your desires the quickest way. Trust it and enjoy how the universe winks at you every moment.

5) If none of the above work for you, you need something tangible that can give you hope.

I totally understand that and I was the same way before I educated myself and experienced the wonders of the universe. I recommend a business opportunity that I stumbled upon that changed my life. I met mentors who showed me that it is possible for me to build a home business that can grant me life-long freedom. They showed me that I could finally relax and focus on building my life the right way. The best part was that I wasn't alone. An entire community was supporting me each step of the way.

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Remember, your desires already exist! You just need to allow yourself to see your unique path because it's right under your feet. 

Hope this helps.

With love,

Serina Chowdhury

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