How can we live to inspire and motivate and be the best version of ourselves?

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undefinedMost people would consider their life well-lived if they could leave behind a legacy like those of notable figures like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. or even JFK. While none of these individuals was perfect, they lived their lives in such a way as to inspire generations coming up behind them. While you may never be as world-renowned as some of these figures, that doesn't mean you can't live your live in such a way as to inspire and motivate others. 

Here are 3 ways to live your life in such a way as to provide motivation and inspiration to the world around you. 

1. Become the best version of yourself


Some of the most inspirational people are far more aware of their own flaws than their strengths. Arrogant people tend to focus more on their strengths than their weaknesses, but in doing so, they fail to actually grow as human beings. The most inspirational people have setbacks and weaknesses just like everyone else, but the difference is they never stop growing and never stop working on becoming a better person. They never feel like they have "arrived" they always feel there is so much more to do. 

2. Taking the high road

If taking the high road were easy, everyone would do it. The truth is, some of the most inspirational people in the world have not only had to overcome enormous adversity, but they have had to forgive incredible wrongs. From Nelson Mandela forgiving a nation that wrongfully imprisoned him for most of his adult life to Martin Luther King responding in peace to individuals who beat him, imprisoned him and threatened his life on a regular basis. Inspirational people do the things that the rest of us find most difficult to do. By doing them, they challenge and inspire us to follow suit. By doing so, we in turn become better people. Great people inspire greatness in us. 


3. Treat others with kindness

Most of us often feel "less than" in some way to someone else. Whether it's having less money, not being as pretty or as popular or not as good at our jobs, constantly feeling "less than" can turn us into bitter, angry people. Feeling "less than" someone else can also create a need to make ourselves feel like "more than" someone else.

When someone belittles you at work, making you feel small, it is easy to take that anger and use it to belittle someone else. Doing so makes them feel small, which in turn often makes you feel bigger. Being kind to others means not taking out what is being done to you on others. The truth is, the world is largely unkind. You can simply become a part of perpetuating it or you can stop it by choosing to be kind. Often by doing so, you in turn motivate others to be kind as well. 

Most of life operates in a cycle - one person doing something often creates a cycle of others following suit. When you harass someone, it is often not long before others join you. When you choose to be kind to someone, however, it is often not long before others do the same.

In essence, you have far more power than you think you do to motivate and influence the world around you. The question is, how will you use that power?

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