How Long is an Hour for You?

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If an hour for you will be longer or shorter than an hour depends on you.

An hour for you is and will always be 60 minutes. But how come some people can achieve a lot during these 60 minutes while others make almost nothing? Instead, the latter group of individuals quickly brings up explanations or excuses, like:

“I didn’t have time.” 

“The time was not enough.” 

“The time blew away.”

In one of my first blog posts, we discuss time from a perspective of resources we all have. If you think it over, time is the only variable 100% democratic. It’s the same number of hours per day for any individual on earth, no matter social group, gender, age, or whatever you would like to add. The question will then be, what is the formula people are using to get much more out of an hour?....continue reading!>>

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