how to achieve online success

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How to achieve success online


  What I do daily to be an online success to be a winner to be on the upward ladder to ride the success train … it’s all about consistency

The first rule is …. Be consistent

Consistency = success

Consistency is …..




1 post every day on Facebook & not just any old post again be consistent with your story

Don’t put random stuff on your Facebook page well not on the Facebook page you are marketing on

If you want to still do random silly posts have a private page & a work page  

Post at the same time daily

DON’T post 100 x a day that will make you look unprofessional & mucks up the algorithm of face book

3x max a day 1 being your live talk

4hrs or more between posts.

 so you’re not competing with yourself   for what Facebook should show




Insta is best done 1 x a day

Again, consistency! so same time every day

Study your # you need the right # to attract your tribe your audience your customers

30# max

Tell a story …. Keep adding to that story …. Don’t go from one thing to the next

Have a good profile photo that’s head & shoulders only with a bright background so you stand out

Keep your bio consistent with your story with who you want to attract



Again, keep it consistent its still a story    

Keep it regular

Use key words

Use photos

& share to all other social media platforms the more eyeballs you get the better you will start to rank up the blogging platform

 Ok so that’s your social keep it all consistent with the same story

Keep to your customer profile

And keep it consistent

Once you have all this in place its literally only a couple of hours a day and then your off to have fun doing what every makes your day sparkle

 Now there of course another key factor in this ….


What is it you are selling ….

There is no point building up a team of loyal followers if you have nothing to sell them

Now this is crucial


Whatever you choose to market … please please make sure you have tried it & that you believe in it

Because selling something YOU believe in is easy



Now even when you have all this in place … the first steps are hard

Its like the old Chinese bamboo proverb you plant the bamboo you water it you feed it, but you see nothing for years … then one day a shoot comes out then it grows 10 feet in one day



The internet is very much the same … its not years of grind but it may seem it some days

But its what’s going on under the surface that matters at this early stage

You are building momentum, you are building trust, people are starting to like you, they start to feel safe with you, you become their friend

Then one day when you least expect it they will say how can I do this too or where can I buy this.

 Another very important tip

Find a product YOU only buy one time your self … not something you need to keep buying to resell

As that’s to much like a job


My farther said to me years ago if you can sell a service your making real money as there is only the one time out lay

I never understood what he meant until I re-educated myself

Now what I market is education … no physical product so no stock holding, don’t need to keep looking for the latest trend, don’t need to take thousands of photos

All I do is share my knowledge & be authentic its that easy




You need mentors …. Every successful online marketer has mentors … yes all of them

JAY Shetty, Garry V , Richard Branson , Mel Robbins ….they all have mentors & not just one mentor you need a tribe of them


You need to surround yourself with positive like-minded people who also want to be successful your tribe

You need to follow & learn from true success story’s the people that have made it big … not just a one-time lucky strike but made it big year after year after year



Yes this is vital with out having the right thinking you will not succeed

Out of everyone that tries to become an online entrepreneur only 1% succeed and 99% fail

WHY because of three things

1 they don’t get the correct training … they don’t invest in them self’s, …. They think they don’t need mentors BIG BIG HUDGE MISTAKE

2 they go from idea to idea not following through. Looking for get rich quick ideas NO CONSISTANCY so no one follows, no one likes, no one trusts FAIL

3 MINDSET if you don’t have the right mind set with long term goals / targets / visions …. Then you will not have the will power to keep going

You need your WHY to give you the go  



1 mentor’s … get the right ones for you, that you relate to, that can guide you, encourage you, teach you,

2 likeminded people. Look around you 10 closest friends who you see regular, are they successful? Are they inspiring you? Do they have your back? Can you brainstorm together? If not find a new tribe

As it’s the old saying like attracts like …. If you want to be successful hang around successful people

3 mindset …. Now if you have good mentors they will teach you this also

As mindset is big key factor  one of the reason lotto winners always end up broke within a short time of winning is because there mind never believed they deserved this  get you mind in the right place first

4 consistency… be consistent every day in what ever it is you choose to market … don’t go changing every few days weeks or months … stay focused   

5 business this is a bonus one …. When you start your journey remember YOU ARE BUYING A BUSINESS NOT A JOB …. So, its going to cost money … if someone tells you its free! There ether lying or stupid no one got rich or achieved financial freedom for free … its going to cost you time & money at the start … but with the right mentors, product & mindset you can & will succeed & your future self with thank you every day for taking that first step & investing in yourself & your future



My last tip

Its not easy but it is simple … the reason I say this is

At the start you need to buy the mentors, you need to buy the business, there maybe other costs involved also.

You need to reeducate yourself, you need to re train your mind, you need to form new habits (the old habits haven’t worked)

You might even need to find new friends

You need to dedicate time toward building up your empire



BUT it is simple …. Everything you need to do is step by step easy to follow steps … just loose the ego listen to your mentors & do what they say follow the steps


That it so easy

Its that easy even I can do it

I had no idea at all how to do online anything …

And like most people I tried by myself watching you tube but failed as I had NO MENTORS, NO GOALS, NO VISION, NO MINDSET, all I had was an idea

But when it failed I got up dusted myself of swallowed my ego …

Found my mentors, did what I was told every step of the way

And I now go from success to success

Still only small wins but wins never the less and each month they grow as I do … as I’m still learning daily

But I know this time next year ill look back & wonder what all the stress was over





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