How to add the cookie consent popup on my website

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With passing of 2009/136/ec, the GDPR (general data protection regulation) issued a law stating that all websites from the European Union must notify website visitors that their cookies were being tracked by that website. This commonly became know as the ‘Cookie Law’. Cookies are various forms of small messages that are exchanged between your server and browser. These small messages are information about your self that you volunteer to share when on a website.

Therefore, it has become common practise for websites to contain a cookie pop up banner letting the user know their cookie are being tracked. It’s worth noting that specifically, this law relates to European Union origin websites, however, if your website has visitors from the EU, then you need the cookie consent popup too. The few exceptions would be if you have a small business or personal website from the likes of Australia .au or USA .us and do not expect to get EU visitors.

If you are using Wordpress, its extremely easy to become cookie compliant, as there are various plugins available. Here are the step by step instructions on how to add the cookie consent popup on your website.

[Disclaimer] This is not legal advice, I am not trained in any form of law/compliance. I am not associated or affiliated with any plugin. I am purely doing this to be helpful and raise awareness.

Please Click here to view the step by step instructions on how to add the cookie consent popup to your website. (The instructions are stored on my website)

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