How to earn an income through online marketing

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The world is changing. There are now more than three billion people online worldwide. This provides many opportunities for online marketing with billions of potential buyers at your fingertips. 

There are many ways that you can make an income online. All you need is an internet connection which means you can work just about anywhere you want. If you love travelling then online marketing opens up a way for you see the world while earning an income. If you have a family, then online marketing allows you to spend more of your time with them without missing those special moments. If you just want to spend more time doing what you love and less time working then online marketing is the perfect option.

I have included information on a number of different ways you can earn a living online below.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest ways to earn an income online. This is when you earn a commission from a business for directing traffic to their website that results in a sale. 

There are many different affiliate programmes out there. You just have to go to google to find thousands of options. Some of the more well known programmes are through Amazon, E-Bay, Clickbank and ShareASale.

It is important to ensure the product you are affiliated with is good quality. Therefore it is recommended for you to have purchased the product and to ensure it is worthwhile becoming an affiliate for it. For example, perhaps you have a passion for photography, have found an amazing camera and want to promote it to others through Amazon.

There are also different levels of affiliate programmes in terms of the amount of commission you can receive per sale. Obviously the high ticket items are where you want to position yourself. Its much easier to make one sale that earns you $1,000 rather than 50 sales earning you $20 per sale. 

List building for profit

List building is when you capture the email addresses of those visiting your website. You can do this by giving them a free offer in which they are required to enter their email address. There are different online programmes you can use that automatically build your list for you as well as sending out auto responses to those who enter their address.

The email list then becomes the online marketers best friend. You can send out offers and products directly to their email addresses. It is very important that you are also sending out value so trust needs to be gained before you can start selling.

Selling your own products on Amazon

This is one of my favourite online opportunities. You can purchase products from the Chinese website Alibaba and then sell them on Amazon. The best part of this is that for a fee, you can send the products straight to Amazon who will package and ship them for you. 

In order to ensure you are purchasing good quality products, you can get samples of products sent to you. There are endless possibilities as there are millions of products available on Alibaba. You can even get your logo printed on the products or source custom designed products.

Setting up a blogging website

Even if you are not interested in writing, you can become a blogger. There are copywriters that will write blog posts for you for just a few dollars. 

Blogging can be quite fun and is a way of providing value to your customers. You can write about any topic that you are interested in.

Once you have set up your website and started writing your blogs you can advertise on your website or offer products through your blogs.

Advertising through social media

Almost everyone who is online will also have some form of social media account. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most popular forms of social media and have changed the face of advertising.

You can direct adverts to your target market by narrowing down different aspects of who they are. You can choose aim your advertising to certain age groups, genders, and those with specific hobbies and interests. You can also set up your adverts for certain periods of time and put in your maximum spend per day. 

Social media is a very effective way to get your adverts seen and engaged with.

Advertising on search engines

Have you noticed that when you search for a topic on Google the top websites have ‘Ad’ next to them. You can advertise on Google, Yahoo or Bing so that your website is one of those top posts when certain words or phrases are searched. The best thing about this advertising is that you only pay when someone clicks on your website.

The other option is using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure your website gets to the top of the list. SEO is a method in which techniques and systems are used through key words and phrases to get your website showing over other websites.

Learn how to use all of these methods

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