How to fire your annoying boss and be an entrepreneur?

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Having to report to work at a specific time, being subject to a one hour lunch break and when your shift ends, there is more never ending work. Can you relate? Having to commute and being stuck in traffic for hours,or, what's worst if you don't have a car you have to take public transportation and battle with strangers very close to you breathing down your neck or rubbing up your rare:( Can you relate?

How about that boss that shows you what to do, you do it, then turns around and finds a fault, can you relate? Oh wait, here is another one, when your boss lets you know that your predecessor use to have it done on time and would do it this way, can you relate? I don't like being compared in those instances, do you?

Shortly I will highlight a simply but not easy way of how you could fire your annoying boss.

Firstly I can relate! The urge to live life on my own terms and the dislike for being in such a structured environment,prompt me to start thinking of being my own boss. Setting my own work and lunch hours, being able to "work" from any where in the world, whether it be at the gym, at the beach, in my bed, you name it, that was what I strongly desire, an online business. And of course, I was looking for something that did not include cold calling or worse forcing people to join or buy into my network or business. I wanted something that I could do that would ultimately create more free time to do the things I love, such as travelling for leisure and for charity,as well as to spend more time with my family. I wanted a lifestyle business.

Creating passive and residual income

I was also looking for something that facilitated not only active income but also passive and residual income, because I did not want to always have to "do" to be earning. So now,I know what I wanted from any business that I started, but I just did not know what this business would be.

Until I found it!

Until I found it! And at the same time found my passion. I wanted to scream and somersault when I realized this. I had found the lifestyle business that I had imagined and wanted, which just reinforced that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. And because I believe in learn -do -teach, this simply but not easy,How to start a profitable business online video, I am willing to share with you if you are ready to fire your annoying boss and live life on your own terms.


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