How to Make the Most of Your Time and Money at Any Age

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Will time and money play your game when approaching retirement?

Time and money are essential ingredients to a happy life. It sounds weird at the first view, but let’s slim it down and start from the very beginning.

It’s true, and without questions, that time in a certain sense is a limited resource. You “only” have 24 hours a day to do what you have to do. Some use their time efficiently and others in a more randomly variable pace.

What we all blame when things not will be done, is…yes…you got it. TIME!

Now let’s take money to finally get the time and money formula completed. It’s sort of “banned” to say that money is important in life. We all know, though, that it’s the case.

Without money, your life will be limited.

However, and that’s the thing, it all depends on how you treat money. In one of my previous articles, we go through how to view money as a tool, which will make a change in how to handle money correctly.

You often hear, and maybe you’re one of them, people saying that later in life when I have time, I will travel a lot, dedicate more time to play golf, or whatever passion you have on your radar. The funny thing, or should I say sad thing, is that such a moment seldom comes.

It could be for many different reasons, but the illusion to do something when, for example, you enter the age of retirement, remains as an illusion. The false expectations of how to reach that moment when time and money will play your game need to undergo a radical change.


The Way to Treat Time and Money


The substance in such change consists of a complete switch of how time and money will be treated. It’s not something for the future, but something to be on the agenda today…right now!

You will never know for sure how long time you have left, but rather the question for you is how you want to spend your remaining years?

I can remember my dad, who worked hard. He always talked about what he and my mom would do when they retired. But that day did never come. My dad died a few weeks after his 61st birthday.

Besides the tragedy of his death, it’s also a “wake-up call” for me.

As a senior executive in an international corporation, I had a good income but no time to anything else than work. I have no time to travel with my wife and children, except for the numerous business trips around the world.

There was no time to do what I really wanted to do in life. And retirement starts to appear on the horizon.


Retirement and Baby Boomers

For us, baby boomers, there is something really frightening, especially in these uncertain pandemic times. To watch your entire nest-egg vanish before your very eyes. How much money will there be for you when retiring? Sadly, many suddenly have to realize that they have to work until the day they die.

Luckily, I came across an online business concept several years ago. First, I did it part-time while still continuing with my corporate job.

That was the turning point, and the whole concept of time and money is from that moment something controlled by myself and no one else.

The freedom to work on your terms is something that all people around the world should have. To travel and not to lose contact with your business, thanks to your laptop and an internet connection, is a privilege to all online entrepreneurs.

The new world we are going to face, coming out from the Coronavirus pandemic, will be different from the world you’re accustomed to seeing. Digitalization will, from now and onwards, be critical to any time and money related topic.


The train is moving

You can either ignore the evolution or jump up on the train right here and now. The question you need to ask yourself is, will your life be filled doing things you’ve always wanted to do, or will you live hand-to-mouth for the rest of your life?

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