How to Prepare Successfully for Your 2022 Resolution Take Off

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The cruel truth is that only 8% will succeed with their 2022 resolution take off

Your 2022 resolution will be the same fantastic journey we make every year with some significant changes. Do you remember last year?

"This time, I'm going to be healthier, save money, sleep earlier, read a book each week, spend more time with people I care about, and find the love of my life."

What could go wrong?

However, every time, it's the same. The time is 12 on the 31st, and bam! You're a new person! All those occasions that made you feel bad about yourself are going out the door! Well, for a couple of weeks or so.

According to surveys, out of the 45% of Americans who typically make a New Year resolution, only 8% of them will succeed.

Wow, that is disheartening. There are 3 main reasons you will have such difficulties succeeding with your New Year resolution.

  • Too many
  • Too vague
  • Unrealistic

It can be quite easy to make a huge bucket list of all the things you want to change about yourself and let 2022 be a great year. The problem is that we have so many competing priorities.

So, how to make the 2022 resolution take off to a successful one? Today is a perfect moment to decide and become a member of the exclusive 8% circle that doesn't fail...Continue reading!>>


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