How To Start With Online Marketing

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I will briefly explain how I started with online marketing.
Online marketing is the promotion of products or services using the digital tools available today to reach the global digital market.

I've always been curious about the digital world and what to do in a very smooth way. Started online business and online marketing in 2004 by launching one online store where I wanted to try to sell products on a website without seeing the actual product delivered to the customer, which is also called a finer word for dropshipping today.

I thought it must be easy to sell on the internet and not have its own stock and that someone else manages the distribution to the customer. My first online store selling various leisure products like trampolines, terrace heaters, exercise tools and garden products. This went very well and I continued with several online stores and different directions. The big challenge was the online marketing at that time, there were lots of portals and optimization of the store itself and google AdWords.

How To Start With Online Marketing

Dropshipping is that you sell other people's products on, for example, your own web page and the supplier is responsible for stock and delivery to the customer. You create a sale and get a discount on the product you are selling, today you can also get a code unique to you when you promote other people's products on their website, and then you call it for the affiliate if you drive traffic to their web page and Customer completes a purchase, you get a commission on the customer's purchased purchase. This is very popular today.

My business developed over the years with new products and also I invited a friend to participate in my business. In 2006, we started a new collaboration with a supplier of exercise equipment where I also ran their own domain and we developed and learned each other how it works to sell on the internet. We further developed the company and had 3 online stores with different approaches.

After a few years, I sold off an online store that lives today and sells leisure products and the others we discontinued to focus in the company to sell products combined with services to improve the profitability of the company.

How To Start With Online Marketing

If I had the knowledge I learned today earlier, I might have been able to continue to run an online store. But it was a learning time and I learned a lot and created many relationships in the industry. I have continued to develop websites for different companies and worked on optimizing them so that interest remains for this digital world.
Today i working with this skills and work as an online marketer

How To Start With Online Marketing
Today, I continue to train me and learn more about online marketing, and do it with SixFigureMentors, a community with affiliate marketing, training, networking, and getting very good mentors who provide support on the way to success. Look at SixFigureMentors where you will have access to a complete system and training to build an online business.

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